Introducing D3 Digital Challenges

We are pleased to let you know about an exciting new program being trialled by government - the D3 Digital Challenges pilot. The pilot challenge will be focussed on improving access to parenting information, in support of the government’s Every Chance for Every Child priority.

This initiative works to bring the right mix of people together to work with aspiring digital entrepreneurs so that they can better understand the challenge and design services that the people of SA want. To make sense of the challenge, parents are invited to attend the first day of the event bringing their story and own experiences to life for the digital community.

To learn more or register interest, please visit D3 Digital Challenges or email the team at

Get involved!

There are two ways to be involved in the first D3 Digital Challenge:

  • You can contribute as a 'life expert', providing parenting information that people want and need in South Australia. You'll even take home a supermarket voucher as a thank you!
  • Compete as a 'Digital Team', with the opportunity to win $10,000 to develop your idea!
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