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Hey Leader, Wake Up and Hear the Feedback!

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Dear Friends:

In the new book from my good friend Eric Harvey titled Hey Leader, Wake Up and Hear the Feedback! he and his team surveyed hundreds of thousands of leaders and individual contributors around the world and selected 145 of the best responses to this question: 
“What specific behaviors define effective and respected leaders?” 
Here is one of my favorites from Hey Leader, Wake Up and Hear the Feedback!:
The one thing truly effective leaders do is give control! Managers take control – leaders give it.

Here are a few guiding principles that should prove helpful:
  1. Believe in your people.
  2. Let your people know you believe in them.
  3. Inspect what you expect.
  4. Practice situational leadership (change your style with each person and each task).
  5. Take an active role and invest in your people’s development.
  6. Let your people know their growth and development are important to you.
  7. Demonstrate the importance of their development by giving them opportunities for growth.
  8. Develop the competence and confidence of your people so they are motivated to act on their own.
  9. Take responsibility for making your people “winners.”
  10. Do not be a crutch for people but be a CATALYST for their growth and development.
Contributed by: Paige Austin, New Braunfels, Texas

Lead well ... LEAD RIGHT,

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