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How to Build Ethics and Integrity

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Do The Right Thing

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Work with Ethics, Honesty & Integrity

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Dear Friends …

Ethics and integrity can best be seen in the behaviors that are exhibited and tolerated within your team. Here are a few questions to consider and ultimately address if your answers are not favorable. Have you and others on your team:

Told an ethnically or sexually oriented joke?
Gossiped or spread negative rumors?
Bad mouthed the company or management?
Pried into a co-worker’s private affairs?
Posted something you shouldn’t?
Passed along information shared in confidence?
Withheld information that others needed?
Taken credit for another’s accomplishment?
Failed to admit to or correct a mistake?
Ethics and integrity are outcomes that occur thru individual actions and behaviors. And, let’s always remember that everything we do counts!

Lead well ... LEAD RIGHT

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