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Animal Communication

Speaking with Animal Guides

As an animal communicator, you get the chance to meet and speak with many animal species, breeds and characters. Sometimes, you get the honour to speak with an animal guide, an old soul, whose sole purpose on this Earth and lifetime is to provide deep spiritual guidance to his carer. Read more..

Horse Care

How Horses See The World

Much same way cats can see in the dark, horses too see the world in a very different way compared to humans. This is a very important point to remember if you are a horse owner or trainer. Simply having this knowledge alone would help you to avoid many unnecessary incidents and aid you in better training and handling of your horse. Nonetheless, apart from knowing that we have differences in our sights, it is good to go a little more in depth and find out exactly how our vision differs from our horses’. Read More…

Dog Care

Understand The Dog’s Vision

We often assume that everyone else sees things the way we do. However, simple differences in perceptions, mindsets and emotions can cause people to see things from entirely different ways. Now imagine a world through the eyes of your pet dog. The vast difference in height, senses and thought processes would make them see things vastly differently from us, wouldn’t it? Read More…

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