Winter tips to keep your horses and dogs healthy
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Dear *|MMERGE3|*,
With winter well upon us and temperatures well in the minuses in some areas, needless to say that some of our furry friends may feel the cold as much as we do.
So here are some winter tips that may help you and your animals go through winter.
Since I am now selling the Italian Torsion treeless saddles, I have included some information on them.

Need your help

Some times, I find it hard to write the newsletter, and I confess that I have been slack in releasing one since this is the 1st newsletter for 2011. It would be really helpful if you could let me know what you would like to see in the newsletter. If you have something you would like me to publish, an idea or an article, feel free to email me.
Herbs to help animals during winter colds

Natural winter tips to keep your horses and dogs healthy

Herbs are natural and a good source of vitamins to keep your horses and dogs healthy. During winter, they can help supporting their immune system. However, herbs alone will not prevent your dog or horse to catch a cold. Their housing and feeding regime are as important. Read more...
Homeopathy and essential oils to help animals during winter

Natural winter tips to keep your horses and dogs healthy – Homeopathy and Essential Oils

Dogs and horses can cathc a cold and end up with a snotty nose.
Homeopathy and essential oils or aromatherapy can help dogs and horses in reducing the effects of a cold. Make sure you check with your vet first! Read more...
Torsion treeless saddle - Bora

Why would you ride in a Torsion treeless saddle?

This is an easy one for me to answer and without giving you a sales speech, I will try to outline the benefits I have found. When you ride treeless, it is important that your horse is comfortable. As well as this, for myself, it is important I feel secure, because these days, I really don’t want to eat the dirt!! There are now quite few treeless saddles on the Australian market, including the cheap ones made in India. Read more...

Ban live export

Ban live export

I know some people agree to live export and I may loose some readers but I stand firmly on this matter. Animals shoudl never be treated this way, even in a slaughter house. SPEAK for Animals have collated some good information on the subject which might clarify few things, including a statement from The Halal Certification Authority in Australia. Also, if you support this cause, please sign up at Animals Australia
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