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Welcome to summer, 2022!  Yes, it's warm here too... School's out, there's no rain in the forecast, and lots of great fun is on its way now that we've largely beaten back the worst of the COVID-19 attack (at least, we hope so). 

Here's the latest news for you:

- About last month's "meeting"
- Here's what's planned for this month
- And we have some importat upcoming events
- CoLAB and Farm Bureau have important legislative goings-on that you should know about. Both the Economy and Water are making headlines here in California!
- Help Wanted -  your opportunity to get involved with VC-CWA and Ag in the Classroom!
- Thank you, Donor Members!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

VC-CWA member Bev Bigger declares "Let the Farm Day games begin!" with her air horn...

She kept all the kids moving from booth to booth by keeping track of our time.  There were so many great booths to be visited!
Tuesday, May 17, marked the return of VC-CWA's Farm Day after a 2-year COVID-induced hiatus, and it was great fun for all involved! 

Thank  you so very much, Lisa Tate Soury, for doing such a fantastic job organizing such a great day!  It was well attended, and so far as the world could tell, it went off without a hitch!  Thank you!

(And to those of you who don't know Lisa... might I point out that this was her very first Farm Day ever!  Again, she did a fantastic job pulling together a team of volunteers, exhibitors, and excited kids!)

Thank you also, Principal Steve Pietrolungo and Monte Vista Learning Academy for hosting this year's amazing event.  Over 950 Simi Valley third graders with 150 parents and teachers had a great day learning about Ventura County Agriculture. 

Now, please take a couple minutes to visit and check out the slide show with all our vendors, booths, kids, animals, tractors, and more!  
As you may have heard, our June meeting will feature 2 really interesting speakers...
Mr. Robert P. Roy (or, Rob Roy, to those of you who know him), President and General Counsel for the Ventura County Agricultural Association


Michael P. Roy, Attorney at Law
also with 
the Ventura County Agricultural Association

I'm betting we all will learn lots at this one...

Join us Tuesday, June 21, at noon at the Camarillo Office of the Ventura County Agriculture Commissioner (at Camarillo Airport).  In addition to hearing from Rob and Michael, we do have some business to attend to - Ventura County Fair status, the Ag in the Classroom Conference, some great upcoming events and outreach opportunities, and more.   Please RSVP by Saturday, June 18 by clicking the button below.  To all who RSVP, full details, directions and more will be sent to you just before the meeting.
Click here to RSVP by Saturday!
June 23: CoLAB and the Ventura County Taxpayers Association are hosting a great, informative luncheon meeting - details below

June 29: What's At Stake - upcoming changes to wastewater discharge requirements

August 3-14:  Ventura County Fair - an email will follow with an opportunty to lend a hand at VC-CWA's booth in the Ag Building

September 22-24: Ag In The Classroom Conference - see below - there are some great opportunities here!

CLICK HERE to Get Your Tickets!

We are excited to co-host our June 23rd Circle the Wagons event with Ventura County Taxpayers Association! This event has a max capacity and will sell out, so get your tickets today!

Our featured guest speaker, Chriss Street, will be taking "A Peek into the PORTal of California's Economy." He'll be providing us the truth behind California's economy and where we currently stand. We look forward to spending the afternoon with everyone -
 get your tickets today!
Join CoLAB to keep informed AND to
attend this event for FREE!

We are the ONLY organization that exists to keep you informed and educated about regulations. We fight for local property rights!
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Thank you, Maureen McGuire, at Ventura County Farm Bureau for bringing us this opportunity:
Water - It's What's at Stake

For years Farm Bureau of Ventura County has been actively engaged on water issues in Ventura County. One mechanism for that is our administration of the Ventura County Irrigated Lands Group. This coalition aids farmers in complying with and reporting on the water quality requirements set by the Conditional Waiver of Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges from Irrigated Lands Within the Los Angeles Region. Since 2005 the conditional waiver has been on a five year cycle. With each subsequent renewal, more requirements have been added for growers. In the upcoming renewal, which must be completed by February 2023 including the San Juaquin precedential requirements, the Water Board staff have indicated that they will move to an “Ag Order” format, which does not have a cyclical renewal.

Moving to an ag order represents a huge risk and a huge opportunity for growers in Ventura County. If our message is heard, our work will be solidified, and a practical and effective program can be developed without risk of re-writes which inevitably create a kitchen sink opportunity for regulators. However, the downside is that anything in the Ag Order gets baked in, and the challenges already found in the current system may become engrained parts of the framework.

To ensure that growers, water purveyors, and other interested parties have an opportunity to engage in this important process, FBVC will be hosting a hybrid meeting to outline “What’s at Stake”. Please join us:

You probably saw the recent notice... VC-CWA is always looking for fun gals who'd like to lend a hand.  Specifically we are seeking a potential treasurer, and someone who'd like to get familiar with MailChimp and help keep our members informed through newsletters and emails!  If you might be interested, please click  here to email Jill.

Ag In The Classroom Returns!
And it's coming to Ventura!

Yes, after years being held remotely, a live and lively Ag In The Classroom Conference is returning September 22-24.  This year's conference will be held at the Ventura Beach Marriott.

This is a great opportunity for us here in Ventura County CWA for lots of reasons:

1) It's local, so we should be able to provide even more scholarships to local teachers to attend this great event!

2) It's a great chance for us to get involved!  Teachers from all over the state will be coming to us to learn about agriculture!  Specifically:
- Would you or your firm like to host an exhibitors booth?
- Would you like to lend a hand with VC-CWA's booth?
- Would you like to educate some teachers about your favorite local agriculture commodity by hosting a table at the Taste of California dinner event?
- Would you like to prepare and present a Hands-On-Teaching program - something these teachers can use and take back to their students to help them get excited about agriculture?

These are just a few of the opportunities available!
Click  here to visit their website and learn more.  And please - share the exciting news with your friends who are teachers!  Without exception, the teachers that VC-CWA has sent to this conference have responded, "This is the best conference that I have ever attended!"

And teachers: VC-CWA Ag in the Classroom scholarship applications will be coming soon.  They will be available on our website, and wherever you find VC-CWA out and about.  We will collect them until the closing day of the Ventura County Fair, and recipients will be selected and notified as soon as possible after Fair comes to a close.  Good luck! 
We are so thankful for you, your connection to VC-CWA, and your willingness to share your knowledge and skills with others.  

We look forward to seeing you!

2022 DONORS  -  Thank you!!!
Without you, VC-CWA couldn't do what we do!


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