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Newsletter • February 2013 • Los Angeles, California

MMRA Launches Monthly Newsletter
This is the inaugural edition of our new monthly email newsletter. Our community faces many important issues – from subway construction to sidewalk repair – and this newsletter is a key way of keeping you informed so that you can support us in preserving the quality of life in the Miracle Mile. You can also friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updates and breaking news. Please share this newsletter with your neighbors.
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A Message from Jim O'Sullivan, 

President of the MMRA:

Last year was a very productive year for the Miracle Mile Residential Association as we added several very talented and productive board members who organized petition drives dealing with land use issues. These petitions proved to be very successful in protecting our community.
Our 29th annual meeting at the Korean Cultural Center was packed with residents who showed up to learn more about the financial state of Los Angeles. Based on the positive results of the meeting we began an inventory process in order to evaluate the many issues facing our community. We have learned over the years that nothing is ever successful without the participation of the residents and businesses that make the Miracle Mile such a vibrant neighborhood. To better serve you we have re-instituted our monthly newsletter and are updating our website. We are also taking advantage of social media platforms to keep residents up-to-date on breaking events and issues.
Conditions change rapidly in Los Angeles and they affect all of us. Already we have seen that city hall will place a half-cent sales tax measure to address the city’s deficit on the March ballot and there was talk of also putting on the ballot a three billion-dollar bond issue to repair our streets. A new mayor will be elected this year which will also have repercussions for all neighborhoods.
Depending upon who you listen to, Los Angeles is either on the verge of bankruptcy or slowly climbing out of a deep hole. The Miracle Mile Residential Association has always believed that it is our role to bring you the facts so that you can make an informed choice on the issues that will affect your quality of life.
Accumulating those facts is often an arduous task, but the MMRA is dedicated to bringing that information to you in a timely and efficient way. This newsletter is just a first step in keeping you in the loop. But all good communication is a two-way street – we need to hear from you, too.

Save Our Parking
Preferential Parking District 78
Threatened with Elimination of 6th Street Parking


In July 2012 a tragic accident occurred at the intersection of 6th Street and Hauser Boulevard. A vehicle traveling westbound on 6th Street collided with a eastbound vehicle attempting to make a left-hand turn onto Hauser. The collision forced the westbound vehicle off the road and into a pedestrian, a 74-year-old-woman, who died as a result of her injuries. The intersection of 6th and Hauser has a long history of being one of the most dangerous in our neighborhood. We commend Council Member LaBonge’s quick action in introducing a motion calling for the Department of Transportation to make recommendations for implementing traffic calming measures at 6th and Hauser in order to address safety issues. The motion was referred to the council’s transportation committee which passed the resolution and the city council followed suit on August 15th, 2012. 
The MMRA fully supports traffic calming measures, but in the same motion Council Member LaBonge also requested that the Department of Transportation consider adding dedicated bike lanes on 6th Street that would cause the loss of a traffic lane in each direction as well as the elimination of preferential parking spaces. Preferential Parking District 78, like most of the Miracle Mile, includes many older apartment buildings with scarce or no off-street parking. Eliminating permitted parking on 6th Street will make an already bad parking situation much worse. It will force residents to seek parking spots on adjacent blocks creating a domino effect that would adversely impact on-street parking throughout the Miracle Mile.
Installing bike lanes on such a heavily trafficked street defies common sense. There are other less congested streets in the Miracle Mile that are better suited for bike lanes – streets that would be far safer for cyclists. Losing two traffic lanes on 6th will doubly impact the Miracle Mile when the Bus Rapid Transit [BRT] rush hour-bus only curb lane restrictions go into effect. The city estimates that BRT will divert 30% of Wilshire Boulevard traffic onto 3rd, 6th and 8th streets. Removing two lanes from 6th will clog our neighborhood with commuters searching for alternate routes.
The Miracle Mile Residential Association opposes bike lanes on 6th Street. We believe there are practical solutions to calm traffic on 6th Street that will preserve valuable on-street parking.


MMRA Board Meeting
Feb 7, 2013
@ 7 PM
Board meetings are held at
the Berch Lounge
Westside Jewish
Community Center

5870 Olympic Blvd.

Visitors and residents are welcome.

A great shortcut through the
maze of city bureaucracy is to call or email Ben Seinfled, Miracle Mile Field Deputy for CD 4 Council Member Tom LaBonge.
Ben Seinfeld
Phone: (323) 957-6415


In the news:

Cold Weather Exposes Pipes
to Risk of Breaks

The age of much of the LADWP water distribution system results in periodic breaks and leaks. As overnight temperatures across Los Angeles dip into the low 30s and 40s there is an even greater increase in the likelihood of pipe breaks. During the winter months, the water system typically experiences an increase in water main breaks due to colder water entering the distribution system from the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. The colder water causes the pipes to shrink very slightly, known as thermal contraction, which can cause some pipes to break. Winter leaks occur most frequently in the early morning hours (3 to 5 a.m.) when pressure is highest because of minimal use and temperature is coldest.
To report a water main break call: 1-800-DIAL DWP 


If you have a concern or a problem we need to know about it. Or if you have an idea on how we can improve our neighborhood please contact us. From zoning issues to lost pets, the MMRA is your community resource. 

James O’Sullivan, President
Alice S. Cassidy, Vice President
Joseph Steins, Treasurer
Ken Hixon, Newsletter Editor

Check out the MMRA website for important phone numbers and other useful information.


Coming in the March Issue:
Miracle Mile Restaurant Guide
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