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  • New RootsMagic ( Update Available
  • Free RootsMagic Workshops in Mesa Arizona
  • Want to Beta Test the RootsMagic Android App?
  • Free Help for PAF Users Switching to RootsMagic
  • Free Webinar Recordings in the Archives
  • Free Tutorial Videos at RootsMagicTV
  • User Groups Around the World
  • Upcoming Events


New RootsMagic ( Update Available

We have released a new minor update for RootsMagic 6 users, version  This update includes a number of small fixes and enhancements.  To see a list of what is new and fixed, visit:

If you haven't already downloaded the update, look for the "Update Available" indicator in the lower right corner of your RootsMagic 6 program screen, and click on it.

If you don't already have RootsMagic 6, you can see what is new at:

or order the upgrade at:


Free RootsMagic Workshops in Mesa, Arizona

I will be doing two free workshops this month at the Mesa Arizona FamilySearch Library.  I will be doing a presentation Wednesday October 23rd at 7pm, and then a workshop the next morning (Oct 24th) at 10am.  The Wednesday evening presentation will also be broadcast via Webinar.

For more details about these free workshops, visit:

For details about the webinar broadcast of the Wednesday evening presentation, visit:


Want to Beta Test the RootsMagic Android App?

Have you jealously waited while iPhone and iPad users have enjoyed their RootsMagic App?  Are you patient enought to find and report bugs, all for the sake of making the world a better place for fellow Android users?  If so, we're looking for a few good beta testers for our RootsMagic for Android app! 

Here are a few things to know about this beta:

1. There is currently no documentation for this beta.  Much of the info on the iOS (iPhone/iPad) app page will be applicable to the Android app as well.

2. For now you must use Dropbox to transfer your RM data files from your computer to your device.  You do *not* need to install Dropbox on your device... it just needs to be on your computer you are transferring the database from.  Here is how to copy your database to your device using Dropbox (after installing the app):

  1. Select the “Files” option at the bottom of the app, then select the “Dropbox” tab at the top of that screen
  2. You will be directed to Dropbox to sign in
  3. Dropbox will ask you to authorize the RootsMagic app. Click the “Allow” button to authorize the RootsMagic app.
  4. A folder called “Apps” will be created in the root of your Dropbox Folder. Inside of the “Apps” folder will be created a “RootsMagic” directory.
  5. Place your database(s) into the RootsMagic directory on Dropbox
  6. After Dropbox has synced your files select the “Dropbox” tab in the RootsMagic app. If you do not see your files you can hit the “refresh” button in the upper right corner of the page.
  7. Select the database from the list. Depending on the size of the file it may take a minut or two to download the database to your device. A message will pop up when the file is finished downloading to let you know you are ready to use the database
  8. If you edit the database on your computer, the app will let you know that the files have been modified and need to be re-downloaded to your device. After a file has been downloaded you can then access the file from the “On Device” tab.
3. We are not (at this time) looking for new idea / feature suggestions.  The goal for now is for this Android reader app to be feature compatible with the iOS app.  If there are features in the iOS app that this Android app is missing, we *do* want to know about that.  We will take feature suggestions for both apps later after the Android app has been publicly released.

To apply as a beta tester, click the following link and sign up.

Free Help for PAF Users Switching to RootsMagic

We've put together a special guide titled, "RootsMagic for PAF Users: A Quick Start Guide".  This 16-page, full-color booklet guides you step-by-step in making the switch and answers the biggest and most common questions.

This guide is available as a free PDF download that can be viewed on your computer or mobile device and even printed at home.  We encourage you to download this free guide and freely share it with any PAF users who may benefit from it.

To make the transition as painless as possible, we've also set-up a special website at that includes training videos, testimonials, and more.

Free Webinar Recordings in the Archives

Don't forget about our free online classes (webinars).  You can watch or download any of our 40+ free webinars from:

Not only are all of our webinars free, but you can watch them anytime, day or night.  Just go to that page, select the one you want and start watching.  We have webinars for every user, whether you are a beginner just getting started, or a power user looking for more tips on RootsMagic tools.

Free Tutorial Videos at RootsMagic TV

We have dozens of short tutorial videos available now, and there are several ways to get to RootsMagic TV to view them...

  1. Go to
  2. Go to our website and click the Learn menu item.  There is a submenu to go to RootsMagic TV.
  3. Do "Help > Learning Center" from the RootsMagic program menu and select RootsMagic TV (you can also get to our webinars page from that same Learning Center screen).

If you would like to suggest topics for us to cover in these short videos, just email your ideas to

User Groups Around the World

There are RootsMagic user groups all over the world, and several more start up every month.  Users are looking to start up user groups in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, England, Mexico, Panama, and South Africa.

To find out if there is a user group in your part of the world, or if you would like to help start a user group in your area, visit:

Upcoming Events

Here’s a list of the places RootsMagic will be exhibiting, teaching classes or doing workshops.

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