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  • When Will RootsMagic Sync with Ancestry?
  • Importing Family Tree Maker Files into RootsMagic 7
  • Third Party Products Which Modify RootsMagic Files
  • Are You a RootsMagic Fan?
  • Download Anytime Guaranteed
  • RootsMagic User Group on Facebook
  • A Note About Help
  • Free Magic Guides for RootsMagic
  • Upcoming Events

When Will RootsMagic Sync with Ancestry?

Ever since we announced that we are working with Ancestry to bring syncing and WebHints to your favorite genealogy program, the number one question continues to be "when is it going to be here"?

So here's a quick overview of the status of our integration with Ancestry...

  • When will RootsMagic sync with Ancestry? - The RootsMagic / Ancestry sync is scheduled to be released by the end of this year.
  • What does this "sync" include? - RootsMagic will let you share data (in both directions) between your RootsMagic tree and your personal Ancestry online trees.  This includes people, events, notes, sources, and media.  In addition, RootsMagic will be able to display WebHints from Ancestry, and allow you to download and attach those documents to individuals in your RootsMagic file.
  • Will the Ancestry sync features require me to buy an upgrade? - If you are using RootsMagic 7, the Ancestry sync features will be a free upgrade.  If you are using an older version of RootsMagic (6 or older), you will need to upgrade to RM7 to use the new Ancestry sync features.
  • Will I need an Ancestry subscription when RootsMagic's sync is released? - You will need an Ancestry account to use the new sync features in RootsMagic.  Some features will work with the free Ancestry account, but other features will require you to have a paid Ancestry subscription.  The features and records available to you will depend on your subscription level.

Importing Family Tree Maker Files into RootsMagic 7

Our tech support department let me know that after we introduced the direct Family Tree Maker import, I forgot to create a new video showing how that works.  So apparently a lot of folks watched the old video that told them to use the more unreliable GEDCOM method.  So I apologize for that, and here is a new replacement video that shows how easy it is to directly import any version of Family Tree Maker without having to go through the GEDCOM mess.


Third Party Products Which Modify RootsMagic Files

It's come to our attention that several products have been released by other companies which make direct modifications to a user's RootsMagic database.  Some of these companies actively target RootsMagic users without making it clear to the user that neither the company nor the product are associated or endorsed by RootsMagic, Inc.

A number of users have contacted our company for support and with questions on these products, so we decided we need to clarify a few things about these products.

  1. RootsMagic does not endorse or support any third party product which directly modifies the RootsMagic database files.
  2. RootsMagic does not provide any technical support for third party products, and cannot answer any questions regarding them.  Users will need to contact the company or organization providing the product for any questions or support.
  3. If a third party product corrupts a user's RootsMagic database when it makes changes to the file, RootsMagic cannot provide any help or support in fixing or recovering any lost data.  The user needs to work with the third party to recover any lost data.

Are You a RootsMagic Fan?

If you are a fan of RootsMagic and are willing to let the world know, mosey on over to GenSoftReviews and leave us a review!


Download Anytime Guaranteed

Misplaced files, crashed computers, deleted programs- they happen to the best of us. So when you purchase software, it can be comforting to have a copy on CD as a backup, in case of an emergency. But CDs take up space, can be lost and broken, take time to be shipped, and are out-of-date when the software is next updated.

Downloading software is fast, convenient, and doesn't hog space on the bookshelf. Wouldn't it be great to have the speed and convenience of a download and the security of a CD?

With RootsMagic's "Download Anytime Guarantee", you have the best of both worlds. Simply put, you can download our software anytime you need, even if it is an older version of one of our products.

Computer crash? No problem. Just go to our download page to install the software again.

Lost your registration key? Again, no problem. Just ask for it and we'll email it to you within minutes.

If you've purchased our software and ever need to download and install it again, we've got you covered.


RootsMagic User Group on Facebook

Our RootsMagic User Group on Facebook is now over 10,000 members strong.  The Facebook user group makes it easy to connect with other RM users, ask questions, share ideas, and otherwise discuss how to use the software.  And if you are a Family Tree Maker user with questions about switching to RootsMagic, you are invited as well. 

The group is accessible to anyone with a Facebook account, but for those who don't have (or want) a Facebook account, we still have our regular RootsMagic forums available.

Even though the group is listed as a "closed group", most requests for membership will be approved.  This is to help prevent any spam or ads. Spammers will be banned from the group.

To join the RootsMagic or Personal Historian users group on Facebook, visit:

and click the green button that says "+Join Group".  A group administrator will then approve you (there are multiple admins but this can take a little while if none of them happen to be online at the time) and you will then have full access to the groups.


A Note About Help

While we try our hardest to make our software as easy to use as possible, we also realize that a program with as many features as RootsMagic can sometimes seem intimidating.  That's why we try so hard to provide as many ways to get help as we can.

On the other hand, we are a small company (yes, we try to look big) and can often get buried with the amount of support calls and emails we receive.  But the one thing we don't have a shortage of is great customers who are willing to help each other.

Way over half the support requests we receive are answering "how-to" and "can the program do this" kinds of questions.  Did you know that we have message boards, mailing lists, and other ways to talk to other RootsMagic users to get answers to a lot of these questions?  We also have online classes (webinars) and tutorial videos (RootsMagic TV) to help you learn how to use the features of your software.  We have an entire knowledge-base of answers to frequently asked questions.

To see all the different ways you can get help with our software, visit this page:

Does this mean we don't want you to contact us when you have a problem or discover a bug?  Certainly not.  But it will help us to better serve all of our customers if we can concentrate on those issues which only we are able to address rather than questions which are in the help file, knowledge base, or can be easily answered by other users.

We have a great RootsMagic community of users.  I want to give special thanks to all those who are helping each other on the message boards, mail list, in user groups and family history centers, and whereever else you may be.


Free MagicGuides for RootsMagic

Magic Guides are free how-to handouts for our users that cover a single RootsMagic topic step by step, along with both illustrations and tips.  Magic Guides are in .pdf format and are viewable and printable with any PDF viewer.  They may be freely copied and distributed (but not sold), so they can be used as handouts in user group meetings or when teaching RootsMagic classes.

The first couple of Magic Guides are now available at:

and more are in the works and will be added in the future.  On that same page you can also make suggestions for Magic Guides you would like us to create.


Upcoming Events

Here’s a list of the places RootsMagic will be exhibiting, teaching classes or doing workshops.
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