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  • Direct Family Tree Maker Import is Here!
  • Limited Time Discount on MyHeritage Subscriptions
  • Download Anytime Guaranteed
  • RootsMagic User Group on Facebook
  • RootsMagic 6 for $9.95 on Amazon
  • A Note About Help
  • Free Help for PAF Users Switching to RootsMagic
  • Facebook RootsMagic User Group
  • Free Webinar Recordings in the Archives
  • Free Tutorial Videos at RootsMagicTV
  • Free Magic Guides for RootsMagic
  • User Groups Around the World
  • Upcoming Events

Direct Family Tree Maker Import is Here!

Since Ancestry's announcment that they were parting ways with their Family Tree Maker software, thousands of FTM users have found a new home in RootsMagic.  One of the first questions they have is, "How do I get my data from FTM into RootsMagic?"

Until now, the answer has always been through a GEDCOM file.  But GEDCOM files from Family Tree Maker, while mostly effective, were often lacking data and details only found in the original file.  Plus it added an extra step in the conversion process.

That's why we're excited to announce the release of RootsMagic  In addition to various tweaks and fixes, this update adds the ability to directly import any Family Tree Maker file.  In fact, RootsMagic can now import a bigger variety of Family Tree Maker files than any single version of Family Tree Maker itself.

For more information about our new Family Tree Maker direct import, visit our blog.

This is a free update for RootsMagic 7 users.  If you haven't already downloaded the update, look for the "Update Available" indicator in the lower right corner of your RootsMagic 7 program screen, and click on it.

If you don't already have RootsMagic 7, you can see what is new at:

or order the upgrade at:

Limited Time Discount on MyHeritage Subscriptions

If you've ever clicked one of the little light bulbs next to the name of someone in your RootsMagic file, you have been introduced to the wonderful world of WebHints.  We currently provide hints from both MyHeritage and FamilySearch, and will be providing hints from Ancestry and Findmypast in the future.  Our goal is not to push subscriptions to specific sites, but to provide hints from various sites so that our users can get easy-to-use hints from any sites they want to use.  If you use a site, great... turn it on.  If you'd prefer to not see hints from a particular site simply turn it off in the file options.

Now one of the things I really like about the MyHeritage WebHints is that you can see an overview of the hints even if you don't have a subscription.  Of course, if you want to view all the details (and see the image if there is one), you do need a subscription.

MyHeritage occasionally offers discounts and just let us know that they currently have a discount on their data subscription (you may have seen it when looking at the WebHints).  They are offering a one year subscription for $79.95 (instead of the usual $119.40), but it expires March 15th.

People ask me all the time if a particular site is worth it, and I always tell them the only way to decide is to see if the site has any information that is useful to you personally.  MyHeritage has billions of historical records, vital records from 48 countries, and millions of newspapers going back to 1739.

If you are using RM7 but haven't tried the WebHints, click the little light bulb on some of your family members that you might not have done as much research on, and check out the MyHeritage hints.  If they look useful, you can take advantage of the discount right from the results screen.  Or you can click here to get the discount as well.


Download Anytime Guaranteed

Misplaced files, crashed computers, deleted programs- they happen to the best of us. So when you purchase software, it can be comforting to have a copy on CD as a backup, in case of an emergency. But CDs take up space, can be lost and broken, take time to be shipped, and are out-of-date when the software is next updated.

Downloading software is fast, convenient, and doesn't hog space on the bookshelf. Wouldn't it be great to have the speed and convenience of a download and the security of a CD?

With RootsMagic's "Download Anytime Guarantee", you have the best of both worlds. Simply put, you can download our software anytime you need, even if it is an older version of one of our products.

Computer crash? No problem. Just go to our download page to install the software again.

Lost your registration key? Again, no problem. Just ask for it and we'll email it to you within minutes.

If you've purchased our software and ever need to download and install it again, we've got you covered.


RootsMagic User Group on Facebook

Our RootsMagic User Group on Facebook is now almost 10,000 members strong.  The Facebook user group makes it easy to connect with other RM users, ask questions, share ideas, and otherwise discuss how to use the software.  And if you are a Family Tree Maker user with questions about switching to RootsMagic, you are invited as well. 

The group is accessible to anyone with a Facebook account, but for those who don't have (or want) a Facebook account, we still have our regular RootsMagic forums available.

Even though the group is listed as a "closed group", most requests for membership will be approved.  This is to help prevent any spam or ads. Spammers will be banned from the group.

To join the RootsMagic users group on Facebook, visit:

and click the green button that says "+Join Group".  A group administrator will then approve you (there are multiple admins but this can take a little while if none of them happen to be online at the time) and you will then have full access to the groups.


RootsMagic 6 for $9.95 on Amazon

While cleaning the warehouse we came across a bunch of boxes of RootsMagic 6 CDs.  Rather than throw them in a landfill, we have put them up on Amazon for $9.95.

Although it is an older version of the program, they are new (still shrinkwrapped) full version 6 program CDs.  If you just want to give a program to someone that you are trying to get started in genealogy, this could be a good option.  If they register their program they will also eligible to get future versions of RootsMagic at the upgrade price as well.

These version 6 CDs at this price will remain available on Amazon until we run out of them.

RootsMagic 6 for $9.95


A Note About Help

While we try our hardest to make our software as easy to use as possible, we also realize that a program with as many features as RootsMagic can sometimes seem intimidating.  That's why we try so hard to provide as many ways to get help as we can.

On the other hand, we are a small company (yes, we try to look big) and can often get buried with the amount of support calls and emails we receive.  But the one thing we don't have a shortage of is great customers who are willing to help each other.

Way over half the support requests we receive are answering "how-to" and "can the program do this" kinds of questions.  Did you know that we have message boards, mailing lists, and other ways to talk to other RootsMagic users to get answers to a lot of these questions?  We also have online classes (webinars) and tutorial videos (RootsMagic TV) to help you learn how to use the features of your software.  We have an entire knowledge-base of answers to frequently asked questions.

To see all the different ways you can get help with our software, visit this page:

Does this mean we don't want you to contact us when you have a problem or discover a bug?  Certainly not.  But it will help us to better serve all of our customers if we can concentrate on those issues which only we are able to address rather than questions which are in the help file, knowledge base, or can be easily answered by other users.

We have a great RootsMagic community of users.  I want to give special thanks to all those who are helping each other on the message boards, mail list, in user groups and family history centers, and whereever else you may be.

Free Help for PAF Users Switching to RootsMagic

We've put together a special guide titled, "RootsMagic for PAF Users: A Quick Start Guide".  This 16-page, full-color booklet guides you step-by-step in making the switch and answers the biggest and most common questions.

This guide is available as a free PDF download that can be viewed on your computer or mobile device and even printed at home.  We encourage you to download this free guide and freely share it with any PAF users who may benefit from it.

To make the transition as painless as possible, we've also set-up a special website at that includes training videos, testimonials, and more.


Facebook User Groups for RootsMagic and Personal Historian

Looking for other RootsMagic or Personal Historian users to share ideas and questions with, but don't have a local user group to join?  If you're on Facebook, swing over to one of our virtual user groups on Facebook.

The new Facebook user groups make it much easier to connect with other RM or PH users, ask questions, share ideas, and otherwise discuss how to use the software.

These groups are accessible to anyone with a Facebook account (since they are Facebook groups), but for those who don't have (or want) a Facebook account, we still have our regular RootsMagic forums available.

Even though the groups are listed as "closed groups", most requests for membership will be approved.  This is to help prevent any spam or ads. Spammers will be banned from the group.

To join either of the new users groups on Facebook, visit either:


and click the green button that says "+Join Group".  A group administrator will then approve you (there are multiple admins but this can take a little while if none of them happen to be online at the time) and you will then have full access to the groups.

And if you have a friend who is interested in RootsMagic or Personal Historian but still has questions, let them know about the groups.  They can join and ask their questions, and if they decide it isn't for them it is easy to leave the group.  And if they do decide to go with RootsMagic or Personal Historian they have a lot of new friends who are happy to help them out.

Free Webinar Recordings in the Archives

Don't forget about our free online classes (webinars).  You can watch or download any of our 40+ free webinars from:

Not only are all of our webinars free, but you can watch them anytime, day or night.  Just go to that page, select the one you want and start watching.  We have webinars for every user, whether you are a beginner just getting started, or a power user looking for more tips on RootsMagic tools.


Free Tutorial Videos at RootsMagic TV

We have dozens of short tutorial videos available now, and there are several ways to get to RootsMagic TV to view them...

  1. Go to
  2. Go to our website and click the Learn menu item.  There is a submenu to go to RootsMagic TV.
  3. Do "Help > Learning Center" from the RootsMagic program menu and select RootsMagic TV (you can also get to our webinars page from that same Learning Center screen).

If you would like to suggest topics for us to cover in these short videos, just email your ideas to


Free MagicGuides for RootsMagic

Magic Guides are free how-to handouts for our users that cover a single RootsMagic topic step by step, along with both illustrations and tips.  Magic Guides are in .pdf format and are viewable and printable with any PDF viewer.  They may be freely copied and distributed (but not sold), so they can be used as handouts in user group meetings or when teaching RootsMagic classes.

The first couple of Magic Guides are now available at:

and more are in the works and will be added in the future.  On that same page you can also make suggestions for Magic Guides you would like us to create.

User Groups Around the World

There are RootsMagic user groups all over the world, and several more start up every month.  Users are looking to start up user groups in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, England, Mexico, Panama, and South Africa.

To find out if there is a user group in your part of the world, or if you would like to help start a user group in your area, visit:

Upcoming Events

Here’s a list of the places RootsMagic will be exhibiting, teaching classes or doing workshops.
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