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Newsletter March/ April 2010

Fairtrade Fortnight
Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 was a great success.  With the help of Fair Traders all over Scotland we worked our way from Edinburgh to Inverness and back. In two weeks, we visited 14 local authorities and talked to over 3500 people.
On our way, we passed several schools. What struck us most was the fact that these children know more about Fair Trade than everyone thinks they do. It is no longer about bananas and chocolate, these young people know all to well that buying Fair Trade ‘helps send another child to school’.
It is a heart-warming experience to see that children are genuinely interested in the lives of other children, on the other side of the globe.
Of course, the great success had much to do with the amazing producers who accompanied us on our tour through Scotland. Jamil Hijazin and Mahmoud al Qadi were our guests and accompanied us to several events.
Jamil Hijazin represented the Fairtrade Development Centre (FTDC) in Bethlehem. The Centre has been a key partner with local cooperatives, supporting them in making the applications required to gain Fairtrade certification. Zaytoun is one such cooperative.
Mahmoud al Qadi is an olive farmer in the village of Beni Zeid in Palestine. The East Bank Zeid cooperative of which Mahmoud is a member
was certified for organic olive oil production in 2006 and Fairtrade certified in 2008.

Another great help was John Riches, who accompanied us to several events. 

All in all, Fairtrade Fortnight 2010 was a great success and now, we are one step closer to the Fair Trade Nation status!

Thank you all Fair Traders, young and old. 

Up and coming event: World Fair Trade Day 2010 at edinburgh Zoo, 8th May
Volunteering at the Scottish Fair Trade Forum

Hi, my name is Freya and I am another piece of the cross-continental volunteer section at the Scottish Fair Trade Forum. The past few months we had people in our office from every continent. And although technically speaking the U.K. is a part of Europe, the people here do refer to it as the Continent.
I am 21 years old and up until February this year, I have lived in Mechelen (Belgium).
My parents blessed me with a brother and two sisters (though my father might not think three daughters was a real blessing, us being pretty talkative and active).
The past three years I have passed studying Communication Management Public Relations and Information. I know, it’s a mouthful but in fact, it is all just about communicating, so no funny business.
In Belgium, doing an internship is compulsory in just about every college education.
So, this being my final year, I am doing my internship.
The past three months I have been working for the Scottish Fair Trade Forum as an intern.
Not only is it a wonderful experience to work abroad, I got really lucky by ending up with the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.
I am the communications volunteer, so basically, I write press releases and everything that has to do with press and such.
Another important task is organising World Fair Trade Day 2010.
8th May is World Fair Trade Day; countries from all over the world celebrate the evolution of Fair Trade. It is a day filled with festivities highlighting the accomplishments made. On the day, there will be performing artists, Fair Trade and local products and much more.
Off course everyone is welcome to join us at Edinburgh Zoo, the 8th May. There will be performers, tastings and informational stalls.
My time here is coming to an end, World Fair Trade Day will be my final event, but I had an amazing time and I have learned so much. This was a wonderful experience.

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