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Welcome to the June edition of the Ellerslie Residents’ Association (ERA) newsletter. 

The last few months have been very busy as the Auckland Council has progressed the Unitary Plan. The Unitary Plan will be the rule book for Auckland's growth and development and will bring together all the old district and regional plans for Auckland.

The ERA Committee worked hard to provide feedback from residents to the Auckland Council on the Unitary Plan provisions affecting Ellerslie, so it is very disappointing to hear that the Council is proceeding with changes to the Unitary Plan having only considered half of the submissions. 

As an organization we do not know whether the Council has read or considered the feedback from Ellerslie residents. We have consequently sent a letter to the Chair of the Orakei Local Board expressing our concern with the process.

We expect the Council to notify the Unitary Plan in the next few months after which there will be further opportunities for residents to provide their views. Let's hope the Council will be more committed to the democratic process in the future!

The Council also recently announced rates increases of 2.3 per cent for the next year. This is a more moderate increase than in previous years, but is still above the rate of inflation. The CPI is 0.9 per cent for the last year.

The Government announced in the last month that it would commit to the city rail link and a number of major motorway improvements, including the East-West Link which should improve access to and from Onehunga. Both the CRL and East West Link should benefit Ellerslie residents. 

On the 11th June Auckland Council conducted a Community Response - Civil Defense briefing for Community organizations at St Chad's Church, 385 Johns Road, Meadowbank. We are adding the emergency checklist to our website to help you to be prepared for a disaster. Please read it and take action to prepare yourself and your loved ones. 

On the 12th June Auckland Council held the first of their ‘Auckland Conversations’ on population trends. Former Statistician Len Cook was the very entertaining speaker. His hypothesis was this. Auckland took 130 years to reach 500,000; 30 years to reach 1million and 15 years to reach 1.5million. Predicting another 1million by 2025 years is likely to be an underestimation. Dr Roger Blakely stated that Auckland Council Planners have decided to base their planning on an additional 800,000 by 2025. He said the Council did not want to waste money on unnecessary capacity in Auckland's infrastructure. It is more likely that Auckland will grow by more than 1 million by 2025. We hope the planners will not underestimate the growth. 

The Michaels Ave liquor license application has been delayed. The ERA holds a letter from Auckland Council's liquor licensing team stating that the ERA will be given one months notice if a new hearing is scheduled to go ahead.  We will let you know if we hear anything more. Congratulations to Mt Albert their success in stopping yet another liquor outlet 100metres away from an existing outlet.

The James Kirkpatrick Group Ltd has approval for a 24 hour, 7 days per week warehouse development at the end of Leon Leicester Ave. Auckland Council’s Hearings Panel approved this development despite a request for modifications to the design for the amelioration of noise, light, and car parking requirements requested by submitters.

Ellerslie's Community Patrol Group is looking for volunteers to work alongside the NZ Police to keep our community safe. Full training will be given. Please register your interest with the EBA on 09 579 5033.

Auckland Transport has just released its invitation for people to comment on the South Auckland public transport plan. If you work in South Auckland it would be advisable for you to view this plan, and if necessary, make a submission by the 28th August, 2013.

In a final note, the Chair and ERA Committee would like to thank departing Committee members David and Kristen for their huge efforts over the past year. ERA members will be aware that David was the Committee Secretary and contributed a huge amount of his personal time to this organization. Kristen lent her expertise as a former planner to help the Committee and residents understand the contents of the Unitary Plan and played a central role in writing the Committee's submission. We thank you both for their contribution and wish them well in the future.

We would also like to welcome Ron to the Committee who was elected at the AGM. Since then Bryce and Cathy have been appointed by the ERA as Committee members and Cathy has volunteered to replace David as Committee Secretary, which is a critical role in the organization and we look forward to the skilled contribution she can bring to the ERA.

Thanks for reading our Newsletter!
Kindest regards
ERA Committee

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