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Happy New Year from the ERA!

In our end of year Newsletter for 2012 we indicated that 2013 would be a busy year. It has certainly started that way!
This Newsletter contains Without a doubt our focus, early in the year, will be on the Draft Auckland Unitary Plan. To establish your views on issues we feel are important, and to translate the Draft Auckland Unitary Plan into a layman's terms with implications for our every day life, the Committee has been busy planning for a Public Meeting on Monday, 25 February in the Hall at Ellerslie School at 7.30pm .
Please come and bring your neighbours too.

From the Chairman Bryan Johnson:
Roger Blakely, the Chief Planning Officer of the Auckland Council, says that the Unitary Plan is Auckland’s opportunity to participate in a process that will make it a leading City in the world. Are you ready to participate in the formulation of Auckland’s Unitary Plan? You can read the Ellerslie Residents’ Association Inc submission to the Orakei Local Board last December on our principles which we will be applying when commenting on the Unitary Plan and its impact on Ellerslie.  This set of principles covers issues such as Ellerslie’s People, Maori, Arts and Culture, Historic Heritage, Recreation and Sport, Economy, response to climate change, Urbanisation and intensification, Housing, Social infrastructure, Transport, and fairness and equity in the allocation of resources. Click here

Please take time in the next three weeks to think seriously about how these issues affect your living environment in Ellerslie. Make notes about your thoughts, and then bring those notes to our public meeting at 7.30pm on the 25th February 2013 at the Ellerslie School. Be ready to discuss these thoughts with other residents in Ellerslie and help formulate an ERA submission to Auckland Council on the Unitary Plan. You may find it useful to read the background guidelines and questions needing your answers in preparation for this meeting.
We will welcome your ideas and suggestions. This Unitary Plan submission is due by the 25th May, 2013.

Other matters being addressed by the ERA:
The Auckland Council has continued to bombard us with requests to respond to
a. The Draft Annual Plan: You can read up on this by clicking here  Submissions close on 25 February. The ERA plans to submit in response. However, individuals are invited to ‘Have your say’ by clicking here
b. Safety Bylaws: In February, four draft bylaws will be released for public feedback. You can read up on these and comment here
c. Election Sign bylaws: You can make a submission if you wish by clicking here
d. Hazmobile Services: Advice has been received that these services are no longer operational. You can get further information here.
e. Draft Gambling venue policy consultation: You can read the proposals and ‘Have your say’ here.

It is the view of the ERA that if Auckland Council wants a reasoned and collective response from Aucklanders that 6 weeks is an absolute minimum time allowance before submissions close. The time allowed to respond for most of the above falls short of this minimum. The ERA has made this point to Council and will continue to do so. If you wish to let your feelings be known to the ERA then you can email us on

Some matters which may be of interest:
a. Footpaths: The ERA has advised the Orakei Local Board of its concern over the standard of many of the footpaths and pedestrian safety in Ellerslie. Let us know of any concerns you have about the footpaths on your street here.
b. Proposed Development:  The ERA has been advised of the development proposed on the site of the old quarry adjacent to properties on Eaglehurst Road, Alana Place and Harrison Road. This will be of particular interest to those living in this area. We would like to hear your views here
c. Michael’s Avenue Reserve upgrade:  You can read the background information in the Fact Sheet and and Q&A provided by Auckland Council.
d. Proposed electricity price increases: The ERA is presently in discussions with Vector on the implications of the proposed price increases. Comment here
e. Vector sub station on Tecoma Street: Vector is exploring ways with the ARC to relocate this proposed substation to the Ellerslie racecourse.
Tennis Court Survey:
The ERA has been asked to comment on the need to upgrade the tennis courts at the Ellerslie Domain, Main Highway, on the property where Ellerslie Eagles is located. We have prepared an online survey in order to assess what Ellerslie residents want. This survey should take no more than 5 minutes and we would appreciate hearing your opinion. Complete survey here

Thanks for reading our Newsletter and we look forward to seeing you at the Unitary Plan Public meeting on 25th February!

Kindest regards
ERA Committee

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