The future of the distriqt // extensions
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The future of the distriqt  extensions?

Over the past couple of weeks there have been a few questions raised about our support and licensing that have brought up some problems in our current model. 

The licensing currently is done through a basic server check, you can read more on that here. We had always planned to change this but it kept being pushed to the bottom of the development list as we favoured features and updates to the extensions.

Maintaining the extensions is a full time job. Each platform has been going through a major version release each year along with several minor revisions. This means that every year we have at least 4 decent sized updates based on the underlying SDK changes for every extension. The truth is that we are struggling to keep up and right now we need to change the model to keep the extensions viable and allow us to keep up with the updates required. Our options have come down to:

  • Remove the ANE's from sale and scale down development 
  • Change our business model to allow us to stay viable

We obviously don't want to stop development. We think and hope our extensions are a valuable addition to the community. But we understand any changes to our model are going to affect you.

To this end there have been suggestions that we move to a new system that contains the following:

  • removal of the server license check
  • creation of an online application to create a key for each of your applications
    • the key will be linked to that application's app id
  • moving to a subscription model 
    • the cost will be low
    • this is solely to help us cover updates
    • we will provide some compensation for the move

As part of this change we are going to completely overhaul our support site to include getting started documentation with code snippets, a series of tutorials, a clearer question system and with Github remaining as the version controlled distribution system.

So before we make any major changes we would like your opinions. We value all of you as customers and need your help to keep providing these extensions. So please take the time to make your comments here:

distriqt //

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