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August 3-7 is Alliance Thank You Week
This week The Alliance is pressing “pause” to thank churches and individuals for their giving over the past year—and particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Thank You, Alliance Family!
The workers you send and support express their gratitude for your generosity.
"Because of your generosity, our team was able to equip 40 believers with soap and face masks to distribute in their communities, as well as educational materials to spread good information on how to prevent the spread of the virus. Thank you!"
—An Alliance worker in West Africa
"Thanks to you, we were able to provide 68 food vouchers to needy families. Then we gave 50 vegetable-seed vouchers and 40 gardening-tool kits to families, communities, and churches we saw digging gardens."
—An Alliance worker in Indonesia
"Because you gave, our team was able to provide 600 relief packages to Syrian and Yemeni refugees without livelihoods and start a home-based development project of mask-making to provide income for women at risk."
—An Alliance worker in the Middle East
"Though we were strictly quarantined, some of our national partners were legally able to deliver tangible help to the vulnerable, marginalized populations we serve—help that you made possible through your giving."
—An Alliance worker in North Asia
"Because of an outreach you helped fund, about 35 people stop by the church every week, and several have started attending regularly. Through this simple act of love, our church is becoming known in the neighborhood. Thank you!"
—An Alliance worker in Uruguay
"Through the generosity of the U.S. Alliance family, we are experiencing record enrollment in one of our INFORMA Bible Institute modules. Besides those here in Spain, we now have students in England, Germany, Italy, Ecuador, Equatorial Guinea, and the United States training to minister to the Spanish-speaking diaspora."
—An Alliance worker in Spain
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