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Coming to you live on October 17, 2019!
Preaching and teaching are at the heart of what we do as pastors and leaders. Join host Terry Smith (vice president for Church Ministries) and a diverse panel as they share their preparation process, key components of their delivery, and how they invite their audience to respond. You’ll leave with proven practices, resources, and an encouragement to deliver your message with accuracy, excellence, and passion.
We’ll All Be Changed!
A powerful photo and music montage, depicting the mystery and wonder of Christ’s Second Coming described in Matthew 24—when everyone will be changed in the blink of an eye.
Lessons from a Hospital Bed
"I was struggling with why God was letting me go through all this. I did not feel near to Him. My pastor came to see me and we prayed and at that point, I had this revelation."
October is Clergy Appreciation Month!
Don’t miss the opportunity to express your appreciation to those who shepherd you!

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