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Nevada took a huge step forward this past weekend.

After a lot of listening -- and a long wait -- Uber officially launched uberX in the Silver State, bringing Nevadans a safer, more reliable and more affordable way to move around their cities. The reception, both among those wanting to drive and those wanting to try Uber has been off the charts.

But it didn’t take long for defenders of the status quo to respond. Within a few hours of our launch, some state officials with deep ties and large contributions from the Big Taxi Owners pulled out all the stops in a failed attempt to shut Uber down.

Instead of standing up for Nevadans, some regulators are standing with special interests. Tell Attorney General Masto she can choose innovation and jobs over a broken status quo. Tell Governor Sandoval to stand up for Uber. Tell them both that #NVneedsUber.


Uber is in Nevada because of you, . You’ve waited to join the rest of the USA and deserve the same access to the safest, most reliable and affordable ride on the road. But we can’t do this without your help. We need your voice and your passion. 

Tell Governor Sandoval and Attorney General Masto that #NVneedsUber. Sign the petition today!

Uber on!

Team Uber Nevada
Are you a true Uber advocate? Take the next steps:
Tweet Governor Sandoval & Attorney General Masto and tell them #NVneedsUber!
Call Attorney General Masto at 775-684-1100 and tell her to support Uber in Nevada!
Call Governor Sandoval at 775-684-5670 and tell him Nevada needs Uber!
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