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Lynn & Dick Slackman
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As you have probably noticed the tenby tech newsletter has been entirely updated with a new design.  We hope you like it, because it now reflects the new design of our web site.  If you have not seen our new web site yet please take a moment to check it out. 

Thanks for helping us make 2010 another amazing year!  We really appreciate the support of our clients and friends.  Just like  other business owners, we had many challenges during the year, but we also experienced some wonderful opportunities.  We are looking forward to another sensational year during 2011.

Building Your Business From the Ground Up…

Building your business is much like building your garden.  It takes years of planning and nurturing to have a mature and thriving garden, slowly changing and evolving as the seasons pass.   There are the occasional bursts of luck…like finding a reliable source of manure that will feed your garden for several years, but usually you need to rely on adequate leaves and yard waste to make proper compost to build your soil.  More...

Did You Choose That Domain Name?

The domain name you select can have an impact on how customers view your business, how search engines rank your site, and can impact how easily people find your site.  To improve your chances of selecting the perfect domain name for your business, please consider the following suggestions: 
  1. Don’t select a name that is difficult to remember or difficult to spell.  Forget about outreach, because only sesquipedalians will remember how to spell: http://sesquipedalian.stanford.edu/    More...
Internet Tips & Tricks: Print Only a Section of a Web Page
  • Highlight the section of the page to be printed.  When you invoke Print, select a Print Range of  "Selection"
Email Tip: Cleaning Your Inbox
  • Before you open any emails, delete any emails that you can tell, based on its title & sender, are unimportant
  • Before you open any emails, move any emails that are not time critical, again based only on their title & sender, into a "Read Later" folder.  Clean out this folder weekly.
  • Now start reading emails
Quote for Today"Our whole life is solving puzzles."  - Erno Rubik

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