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The holiday decorations are put away, Superbowl hangovers are soothed (although the celebration parade is happening right in front of our office!), and the nights are not quite as long. 2014 is in full swing and it's about time to stick to our resolution of getting our newsletter out on a regular-ish basis. 

As a friend of the Commish and faithful newsletter subscriber, we'd like to offer you a small token of friendship. We've got a nice set of wallpapers for all your devices, currently displayed in our newsletter header, made with hand lettering from our very own James Zerkel. It's a nice reminder to keep things fresh, even when it's much easier to hibernate during these cold and dark months. You can download those right here: 
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Here's what happened in the studio last month:

Jay instagrammed. James casted really cool planters. Michael B designed a beautiful day clutch. Luz posted photo essays about traveling to New York. Emily found Carmen San Diego. Michael G watched a great movie on Netflix. Jon bought a house. We made CreativeMornings/Seattle happen.
"Secrets are lies. Sharing is Caring. Privacy is theft." —Dave Eggers, The Circle.
— David, Studio Director
Because I bought a house, I'm really into buying tools right now.
— Jon, Senior Developer
Is it a picture frame...or is it chocolate?
— Michael, Product Manager
I'm into Very insightful and sometimes funny tear downs of first-time website experiences. 
— Michael, UX Designer
The Gerber 22-41830 EAB Pocket Knife is a thing of beauty.
— Jay, Design Director
I'm currently working on a sketchbook to submit in next year's Sketchbook Project.
— Luz, UX Designer
This game is clever ridiculous fun.
— James, Designer
I'm into hidden dev easter eggs; for example, searching "do the harlem shake" on YouTube, will make all the page elements do the harlem shake.
— Emily, Apprentice
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