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It's spring time in Seattle and we've all been relishing the sprint of unexpectedly warm weather. It's a glorious supplement to gray winters spent washing down our vitamin D pills with endless cups of coffee. That extra bit of sunshine has renewed our creative spirits to reflect the season and make new things.

This month's wallpaper set is a series photographed by Luz Bratcher, featuring local Kwanzan cherry trees. These bloom during April all over Seattle, set against much-coveted blue skies.
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We’ve got another client app in the iTunes Store! Restaurants Unlimited, Inc. approached us about designing and developing an app for their Eat Drink & Earn Club. We applied their current branding to a simple, yet elegant user experience. New users can create accounts on the go and existing patrons can now manage their club accounts with ease. No more keeping track of membership cards—users need only to their phones to earn restaurant reward points. Users can effortlessly keep track of favorite restaurants while discovering new restaurants within the RUI family.

You can download our delicious work in action right here.
Here's a few happenings in the studio within the last month:
  • Meghan opened an art show at Makerhaus in honor of World Arduino Day. Lotus Root & Barnacle: an emergent system, which explores the interaction of individual properties within a network of mechatronic parts.
  • David began teaching some really smart juniors in the School of Visual Communications at the University of Washington about Designing Mobile Experiences. 
  • We threw another CreativeMornings event, this time on the topic of SEX. 
  • One of our clients, Haiku Deck, was nominated for a Webby award! They're currently in second place and we'd love it if you'd take a moment to vote for them.
The Twin Palms neighborhood in Palm Springs.
— David, Studio Director
I Discovered a New Species Up My Nose.
— Jon, Senior Developer
Learning about user interfaces designed to trick people called dark patterns.
— Michael, Product Manager
I've been super into the Vsauce YouTtube channel. Here is a great video on risk.
— Michael, UX Designer
A cleverly animated piece on the evolution of the bicycle.
— Jay, Design Director
"There is no creativity without vulnerability." Brené Brown on Chase Jarvis Live.
— Luz, UX Designer
I don't know if this is a joke or too cool to be true. Gofor is Uber for drones.
— James, Designer
Excited about the release Kenyan sci-fi short film Pumzi in full—it's amazing! 
— Meghan, Office Manager
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