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We've collaborated with Society Consulting for years on various projects. So, it was a real treat to redesign their company website to bring their authoritative voice on big data analytics and customer experience to the forefront. Check out the full site at

Meet Kelly - DC's Project Manager

Tell us some things about yourself, Kelly! I'm from a tiny Texas town that just got its second stoplight a few years ago. I have a degree in PR from University of Texas (Hook 'em!) and consider Austin home. I lived in Dallas then Oklahoma City for awhile before moving to Seattle with my fiance, Chris, and our dogs, Piston and Sonny.

How did you become interested in design? I've worked with designers throughout my career, and I'm always impressed with what they can create with sometimes very little information!

What was your favorite project you've worked on? I'm a massage junkie, so I'm pretty excited about a client that we're working with right now who's developing a massage scheduling app. Sign me up!

How do you define creativity and apply it in your career? When I think of creativity, I think of creative problem solving. So I always try to remain open-minded and collaborative.

What's the best advice you were ever given? Not exactly advice, but when I was a kid, my dad would give me social homework. When he picked me up from school, he'd point to a group of kids on the playground and ask me if I'd ever talked to them. If the answer was no, my homework was to talk to them the next day. It taught me to be brave and social, and it totally diversified my friend group!

What are your hopes for DC? That we will continue to work with a variety of clients to challenge the team. It's exciting to work on new and different projects - keeps things fresh.


The iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil is finally tipping me away from pencil and paper.
— David Conrad, Studio Director
I’m trying my hand at swiping for friends on Bumble BFF. I haven’t decided yet if it’s more or less awkward than online dating.
— Kelly Saunders, Project Manager
I’ve always been into the idea of universal basic income and this article is a great intro. At the very least, it’s interesting to think about a world where automation & UBI frees up people to stop working and instead contribute to a “utopian” version of society.
— Tim Malcham, Developer
I enjoyed this study on people's reactions to an AI trash can.
— James Zerkel, Designer
I’ve been into the movie “21 Days Under The Sky”. All this nice weather we've been having has got me thinking about summer road trips.
— Tom Callahan, Developer
I recently watched “Jumbo Wild”. It is a beautiful documentary about the fight to protect Jumbo Valley.
— Michael Goldkamp, Designer
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