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July 9, 2020

I'm a Pressed Juicery fan.
Beyond fan, truthfully. I know all the employees' names at my local shop. I practice Spanish with one of the employees when they are slow, and she knows all about my lessons and asks me about them. (Yes, I do leave tips for the extra TLC.)
I keep up with employees' school schedules and their vacation plans. When there is a line, I'm that lady who offers help and suggestions if anyone wants it since I know the menu by heart.

So today when I stopped by for a Freeze (non-dairy! only sweetened with either dates or maple syrup!) (I knowwwww! It's so good!), it was second nature to offer help to the ladies in front of me in line. (And we were all wearing masks and keeping distance in case you are playing the movie in your mind.) They were examining the menu carefully and it was clear it was their first time at Pressed. We had time to wait so I offered my menu opinions if they wanted them. They did. (That's where the FroYo title comes in....they wanted FroYo and it is imperative to know that while Freezes are a cousin of FroYo, they are NOT FroYo. Gotta set palate expectations for it to work.)

As we chatted it turns out they are nurses visiting from Florida, living in a hotel to work. I thanked them for their service and said, "wow, real heroes!". One of them said, kind of embarrassed, "well, you might not feel that way if you knew where we were working." 

Can you guess where they are working?....

I was stumped. Where would it be unpopular to be a nurse?

I said, nursing is nursing and humans everywhere need help.

One of them smiled and seemed relieved. She said, "we feel that way, too".

They're nursing at San Quentin State Prison! The covid outbreak there is a public health nightmare that some describe as state-sanctioned homicide. As of the end of May 2020, no one had tested positive for COVID-19. As of this writing, well, the numbers speak for themselves....from the CDCR website:

SQ is San Quentin.
0 positives as of end of May, and early July, 1,320 in custody now have it.
There was a botched transfer of men from another prison in SoCal. Nightmare for nearly everyone involved who cares about the health and welfare of those who are incarcerated as well as those who work there, who are not included in these numbers.

Before these ladies told me where they were nursing, I knew I wanted to treat them. After they told me where they were nursing, I even more wanted to thank them. I am so grateful to health care workers everywhere. To bring those skills and care into the incarceration system, more words for it. **deep bow**

It was really interesting to offer to buy their Freezes...they declined a couple of times but in that way that it seemed sincere that they didn't yet have full permission inside of themselves but would like to accept. I didn't force it, but I did make it clear that I would love to offer that. One said, "I've never gotten an offer like this before." The other said, "I'm calling my husband to tell him this. He's a firefighter and he's the one that gets us first responder discounts when we go out. I haven't gotten that as a nurse."


Why am I telling you this in a financial wellness newsletter?

A) To honor those who are out there serving and could use some wind in the sails.

B) To honor what I've seen and am learning about how poverty itself has been criminalized in some aspects of the US judicial system. There is a lot of talent, love, and just life in general locked away in prison for some dubious reasons. They deserve care as human beings. I'm expressing gratitude for those who are following a light of recovery and regeneration to survive the system on all sides of it.

C) I followed my intuition in the moment to get to Pressed today. I wasn't planning on it. (Yes, I make a food plan each day. Eating disorder recovery, just part of my deal.) I had already purchased food out once earlier in the day, and lately I've been limiting it to that for many reasons. I was passing by Pressed. I prayed about the impulse to turn in...was it craving and trying to escape something? Was I endangering my spending plan? I ran through questions and got to the point of a very green light inside of myself. The timing obviously could not have been a minute or two off from how it happened. A minute earlier, I go in front of them in line and try to hustle out to stay out of their way. 3 minutes later and I'm not there to see them looking at the menu to offer guidance. Thank you, Intuition. Thank you, Spending Plan. Thank you, Creativity.

D) To share some kindness. I know plenty of people have been going through phases of retraumatization, fatigue, stir craziness, fear of the future, doing too much, being underused, etc. Rough stuff. And plenty of money fear, understandably so. I wish you so much kindness. For yourself. For others. And a reminder that kindness can look lots of different ways. 
I loved this podcast about community coming together for elders in Ireland. Cocooning, they call it.
Mindful Life, Mindful Work Cash Flow Inventory Video
My colleagues in Mindful Life, Mindful Work are interesting, soulful, smart, and generous. I am delighted to share with you our process of a cash flow inventory exercise together. I recommend finding 20 minutes to watch this with pad and pen in hand. Great for seasoned budgeters and planners, free spirits, and also newcomers alike. No need to already know your numbers to be able to follow along and benefit from the questions.

And I would love to hear your experience with it!

(PS an Easter egg lies within...I share with you...MY FINANCIAL PLANNER!)
Email you intend to do this exercise? (If so, by when?)
The video above is better for auditory learners. The PDF here is for visual learners. Or you could also play the video and pull this PDF up split screen. Go wild! The Cash Flow Inventory is your oyster.
I've been following with interest the recent developments in the FinCon community online. Apparently the conference founder exhibited some racist and sexist behavior, and decided to step down. The messages that have emerged since that decision have been fascinating. I don't know all the Ins and Outs but I very much look forward to exploring these diversity and antiracism resources being put forth by the vibrant FinCon community.
So there's your author, Beth Crittenden.

Tennis player, dog lover (current grooming videos, send me your best), happy to be nerdy (iHeart Science and Even Math!), fledging succulent gardener, experienced bookkeeper, small business consultant and financial wellness coach. (Among other things but those will do for here.) 

Openings in my business as of today:

1) One space for someone who wants combo financial coaching and YNAB bookkeeping ongoing

2) Two spaces for meeting for financial coaching every other week. (Some folks have been using the time they are at home more to catch up on some financial housecleaning!)

3) Looking to connect with environmentally-friendly real estate professionals to see how I can help
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