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June 25, 2020

Civic contribution decisions have been on many of our minds. I imagine the people who have been at it for many years may have some fatigue with the new energy bursting out (and then sometimes disappearing after the initial push). I am hearing the requests to please not let Black Lives Matter be a #trend.

So I'm gearing myself towards staying engaged long term. Spiritually, emotionally, financially. I'm also motivated around immigrants' rights. And women's rights. And the rights of those who self-define as women. And gay rights. And animal care. And environmental care. Saying these things all together does not indicate I believe they are synonymous or similar in form. And saying these things does not mean I believe I protect these populations perfectly already. Part of the journey is learning and part of the journey is taking action.

I weirdly feel the need to add I'd like to see good science protected. I'd like good scientists to be well funded and safe to speak openly about what they have learned. The cognitive dissonance of why these aspects of life need extra protection and respect may be one of the biggest mysteries of this life for me. I've let the mystery keep me stalled in contributing towards real progress. Oh, while we're at it, I'd love for child abuse to stop. And since sex work is the oldest profession, and something that helps keep many people sane in many ways, how about we deal with our collective Shadow on that one too, and decriminalize it and offer respectful rights to the folks offering that important service? That these populations appeared later in my list here do not indicate they are less important to me. 

I'm a white person. I don't have to say I'm in favor of white rights because those have not been limited. I have so many rights built into this society sometimes I drown in that grossly luxurious experience of judging how others use their own rights or not. 

Life helped this week to relieve me of some of that extra weight. I heard just as clear as day from an invisible speaker...


I am not entitled to any other human donating money or time to causes I feel passionately about.

I am not entitled to change anyone's mind about how they spend their time or energy.

I am not entitled to keep a budget of how much percentage of my salary (which can be limited since I'm a woman and we can be professionally undervalued in the financial field) compares to others' giving relative to their level of privilege.

Nope, I don't get to have those luxuries on top of the white privilege I already have for now. A) because it is reality and B) let's get those eyes back on the prize. Though it is an abundant world, humanity itself has a built-in limitation of mortality. That's not a mistake or a flaw. It Just Is What It Is. I know that **I** feel passionate about sharing, connecting, authenticity, speaking up to bullshit, and each organism being given their space and dignity to awaken should they choose to.

I'm also not entitled to give more money than I can afford, just because others really need more money than they currently have.

I'm not entitled to run myself ragged trying to correct wrongs that have been hundreds if not thousands of years in the making.

I'm not entitled to saying Yes to every wise ask of time, money and attention. It's not sustainable, it's not possible, it's not wise.

There are no right or wrong decisions to make here, though that may be controversial to state. I don't grant others ultimate moral authority over how I feel and believe, and therefore I am not in charge of making that decision for anyone else. They get to wear a mask in public or not. They get to party in a bar to let off steam, or find other ways to let off steam instead, or not let off steam at all for now. They get to donate to the fantastic Rachel Cargle's work or not. They get to follow the terrifying brutality of how covid is being handled at San Quentin prison or not. They get to get tested or not. They get to be on social media or not. They get to decolonize their bookshelf or not. 

One action that I have started and have not yet moved on (because I fear self-judgment as well as more to-do items) is inventorying which of my expenses go towards Black and/or Brown-owned businesses. I started the spreadsheet on June 14th and got stumped. When I watch myself believing that others "should" be inventorying their expenses for supporting diversity that way, it's a good reality check to realize it's not quite as simple in practice as it seemed it would be. Doesn't mean I won't do it; means I need to take the judging others effort back and apply it to figuring it out for myself first. Then hopefully I will have some good news to share based in reality.

Thank you to everyone who is open to shifting and sharing their perspectives. I'm interested in hearing what you are learning and discovering.

How do you know when it's right for you to extend time and/or money to something you care about? How do you work with your own fears, frustrations, and tenderness to make progress?

Speaking of tenderness, here is one of my favorite little creatures. Serafina. She goes by Fifi. Pomchi paws for extra TLC for self and others. Thank you Diane Anderson for caring for this marvelous bebe!

I A'd some Q's for a local magazine on financial wellness in times of covid. My insiders get it first!
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