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May 23, 2020
"We are all in the same storm. We are not all in the same boat."
~Financial therapist Amanda Clayman's wise friend

Small business owners and operators are invited to a Cashflow Inventory meeting online this Thursday, May 28th. Michael Velzo and I will be offering tips for small businesses navigating the pandemic circumstances. Register to get the meeting link and I hope to see you there!
Register for small business meeting, May 28th
Has anyone told you, "thanks for hanging in there" today?

Thanks for hanging in there, <<First Name>>. #prayerhands

I am going to introduce you to a real VIP in my life. But first, a story.

I used to keep all the foods on my plate separate from each other when I was a kid. I didn't like them touching each other. I remember I ate more slowly than others and often was the last to finish...I needed to do more organizing and management. 

I used to do this with my friends and communities, too. Still have some compartmentalization going, but have made a lot of progress when it comes to letting the proverbial foods touch each other on the life plate. It is vulnerable AND totally worth it.

I'm going to bring in my FriendHusband to this Financial Wellness realm. This is letting the broccoli and potatoes touch each other on the plate. Gulp. He has been a rock for me for years. One of the kindest and smartest human beings I have ever met. So much of my growth and development has been supported in our relationship, and I'm called to share his depth with my peeps. C'mon, let's go meet him!

(didn't know about food cubbies back then, glad to know they exist now...)

Financial Wellness Realm, I am pleased to introduce you to George Peterson, Ph.D. There is much to say but let's start with The Enneagram.

Sometimes people bristle when they think of The Enneagram as just another typing tool. Something to limit or try and control people. (And when I say "people" I was also in that category at first.) George has taught me so incredibly much about it over the years...from a gentle, spiritual, radically kind perspective. I can barely do it justice in a few minutes but here is some of my own experience with it, for myself as well as relating with my Dad (RIP).
Watch My Enneagram Intro Story
George is the friend I mention in that video. It was life-changing to have him teach me the system, as well as support my parents in relating to their respective Enneagram positions. My Mom and I still talk about it a decade later and have so much fun with topics I can promise you weren't always fun for us.

I invited George to do an Enneagram and Money video series with me, and I am really looking forward to creating it and sharing it with you!

This is a lovely overview about Enneagram and Money.

If you know your Enneagram position, please send it to me! (I relate to the One position.)

And if you don't yet know it for yourself but would like to, I recommend this set of questions for the quick first time. No right or wrong answers, of course.

(To take the whole enchilada, you'll want the 144 question RHETI version by Riso-Hudson.) 

According to Jazmine Reed-Clark on The Financial Diet website:

"While on the surface it may appear to be the new fad or a palette-cleanser in between talking... Sex and the City character-identification, it can prove to be an insightful tool in self-discovery and personal development. It explores your greatest fears and deepest desires and how they ultimately act as motivators in your external and internal worlds.

The Enneagram has played a crucial role in my life over the past year. It has helped strengthen the communication within my marriage and accompanied much of the work with my therapist. Financially, the Enneagram has helped me identify budgeting blindspots, set attainable goals, and develop better habits specific to my strengths and weaknesses."

Watch the Introduction to George and the Enneagram
Great podcast that goes over the 9 Enneagram positions. Jen Hatmaker and Suzanne Stabile <3

Some of you may remember that I previously mentioned Maja Apolonia Rodé's Self-Love course, which I was so delighted to be a part of. There is a window open if you would like to take the online course free of charge. Do sign up before May 31st if you have been wanting to increase your self-love!

What is self-love? Why does it matter? How do we cultivate true love for ourselves? This dialogue series is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and experience of self-love from many angles -- day-to-day thoughts, feelings, and experiences to all-pervading infinite presence.
  • Pre-recorded video dialogues with 10 guest teachers run 50-80 minutes each, and include guided meditations and healing experiences.
  • Whether you want to dive in deep or just enjoy a healthy binge-watch, you are welcome here!

"The love that comes through each person in the series has been huge for me. Last month I was in a really challenging place, and I was watching interview after interview because I needed the support, and I got it.” ~ J.H.

"Oh wow, the conflict-avoidance budget idea! The question: "Am I hurting myself to help someone else?" balanced with "Is it worth the conflict that would arise if I discussed the issue of this expense with the person?" So much appreciation of how the rubber meets the road of self-love in financial decisions."

Register with just your email address -- through May 31.

Mindful Life, Mindful Work Invitation for Healthcare Heroes to meet on May 26th
I have so much more to tell you but I'll leave it there for now.

I have a couple of coaching spots open and am loving working with people who are doing their inner and outer work. Please email me if you are interested. Yes, it can be intense. Yes, it takes some work. And the rewards I keep getting from doing my own financial wellness work are ones I don't want you to miss. If you're into rewards!

The mind may say, why bother. The mind may say, too little of this or too much of that. That Goldilocks mind. Bringing the mind into harmony with the spirit often gets us in the territory of JUST RIGHT.

I wish you creativity, vitality, connection, and true freedom.
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