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Hi there!

Join me if you can (and want to, of course)

this Thursday the 13th

Noon Pacific time, for an hour

as I take you through a Cash Flow Inventory exercise online.

You don't *have* to share with the group, but there will be an opportunity to speak up and fellowship on this topic if you'd like to.

The event is being hosted by the San Rafael coworking space, VenturePad.
Register Here For This Event
What's the best term to describe the combo of deflation and elation right after you binge a good series? I'm satiated and also bereft that I finished the podcast The Dropout just now, about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. OMG SO good.

Caught up on the Fyre Festival documentary the other day, as well. Holy cannoli. I pity the fool who tries to stash me on an island with only a cheese sandwich, uh uh noooooo. That was a terrible scene but I did love the documentary.

I'm sensing a theme here of craving justice and substance.

I want that in my numbers life. I want to trust myself without using harmful tools or language. I want to be as nice to my finances as I am to my friends. I love dependability and also some nurturing excitement and joy. The money itself can't provide me those things, bless its metaphorical heart. Sometimes access to money along with a grounded approach can lead to those experiences being more likely.

If you'd like to hear some inspiration along these lines, I also just enjoyed revisiting a podcast episode with my hero Tosha Silver. 

Black Lives Matter.

Really really cool that we have a Woman who is Black and Indian, running for Vice President. WOW. I know it's a hard to impossible job and IT IS PROGRESS.

There is a lot of plastic in the ocean, dammit. Sorry, ocean.

And, when you're up to speed on as much as you can be, and would like some spiritual financial inspiration, here is a great interview with Tosha...
Thank you to @HumansofNY on Instagram for making my heart smile with mama and baby Frida Kahlo! Those sweet baby cheeks were an antidepressant for me this week.
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Formula for Financial Wellness  =  Attention on Your Numbers + Deep Self-Honesty + Connection

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