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LPC Heritage Cash Flow Fund

Dear Shareholder Churches,

We greet you in the name of our precious Lord Jesus and give thanks to Him for you.  We had a wonderful turnout for our AGM on June 21 and were blessed by a very significant time of prayer and anointing initiated by Roger on behalf of the BGCA.

The LPC Board has been considering for years how best to get through the 'lean months' of camp (i.e. historically September to April).  The cash flow during this time of year has always been difficult since the bulk of LPC's funds (registrations, donations & grants) are used up on payroll, groceries and other operational expenses during the summer.

This year the LPC Board has decided to create a fund that the camp can borrow from, interest-free, every year.  The camp would then pay it back in the spring (late May) when the funds are more readily available.

So far we have raised approximately 20 thousand dollars, and we are hoping to raise another 40 thousand above and beyond our regular donations. These funds would sit in an account affectionately dubbed the "Heritage Cash Flow Fund", or HCFF.  The camp could draw from these restricted funds during the lean months and would have it repaid into the account by late May of the following year.  

It is important to note that LPC's debt has consistently decreased since Andrew and Sarah Dreger took over management in 2012.  Our goal continues to be to eliminate the debt and to continue increasing our Working Capital in order to prepare for both anticipated and unexpected capital projects.

We are looking forward to a bright, debt-free future for LPC and the capital to pay our wonderful staff (cabin leaders, maintenance, admin etc…).  The LPC Heritage Cash Flow Fund idea has been met with wonderful reactions so far, especially considering how recently this initiative was suggested!  We are asking that anyone who would like to contribute to this fund, earmark your donation to the camp as "Heritage Cash Flow Fund".  Please note that these are donations which would be above and beyond your regular donations.

With Sincere Thanks,

LPC Board
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