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Legislative Alert - Immediate Action Needed on Credit Checks, Ban the Box, and Drivers Licensing!    

The Job Opportunities Task Force needs your help with three bills that are currently in peril.  See below for details on how a quick phone call or e-mail could determine the fate of credit checks, ban the box, and drivers licensing legislation. 

Legislators take notice when regular, everyday citizens start calling their offices.  When the aide answers the phone, simply say that you're calling to urge the Delegate or Senator to support "X" legislation.  It will only take a minute and is sure to make a difference to low-skill, low-wage workers throughout Maryland. 

If you don't have time to help with all three issues, choose the one that is dearest to you.  


Job Applicant Fairness Act - Credit Checks 

SB 132
HB 87

The Good News:
SB 132 officially passed the Senate last week with a 32-14 vote. 


More Work Lies Ahead:
The House Economic Matters Committee will soon vote on HB 87.  Without enough votes in the House, the bill will not pass. 

Contact members of the House Economic Matters Committee immediately to urge their support of HB 87.  The members highlighted in yellow are particularly important to contact.  

Personal phone calls and letters of support are best.  Click here for a sample e-mail that you may personalize to your liking.

Ban the Box

SB 448
HB 92

The Bad News:
The Senate Finance Committee voted against the bill on Friday.  We only lost by one vote.   

There's Still Hope:
We need your help in pushing for the bill to be reconsidered; that is, brought up for a committee vote one more time.  This will be difficult but is not impossible.  

Act Fast:
Call Senator Garagiola, Mathias and Klausmeier.  

When their aide answers the phone, simply say that SB 448 - Ban the Box - is very important to you and that you want them to ask Chairman Middleton to reconsider the bill so they can vote favorably.  

Senator Garagiola
(410) 841-3169

Senator Mathias
(410) 841-3645

Senator Klausmeier
(410) 841-3620 

Driver's Licensing for Adults

SB 361
HB 1185
The Good News:
The Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee passed the bill unanimously last week.  Two amendments were included.  One raises the age from 18 to 21, and one eliminates the online component. 

Maryland is the only state in the nation that requires drivers of all ages to complete the same driver's education and practice requirements.  Most significantly, all new drivers must complete 60 hours of supervised practice, in addition to 36 hours of driver's education, before being eligible for a license. 
These requirements have created a barrier to mobility and employment for low-income adults.  The amended legislation would eliminate the 60-hour rule and reduce the time for holding a provisional license from 9 months to 45 days for new drivers over the age of 21.
The Concern:
Despite the unanimous vote in the Senate committee, it looks like a House subcommittee may vote against the bill.
Contact members of the Motor Vehicle and Transportation Subcommittee and urge them to support HB 1185.  Tell them the the bill passed the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee unanimously.

Personal phone calls and letters of support are best.  Click here to send an e-mail to every member of the subcommittee.

If you only have time to contact one legislator, please call Delegate Malone at (410) 841 - 3378.  He chairs the subcommittee and needs to hear why this issue is important to low-income Marylanders.

In the press: 
Baltimore Sun Article

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