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November and December 2015

Church Ministry

Sunday mornings we have been going through a large series with smaller sub-series. I have been teaching on using the Bible as our guide in all decisions of life. To do that, we need to learn about the precepts, principles and people of the Bible. In learning about the precepts, I have gone through the ten commandments with them. I have heavily emphasized the fact that the commandments show us how far short we fall and how we do need a Savior. Once we have Christ in our lives, He can then help us to obey the commands. 

Though my parents are retired as missionaries, they do spend time in Peru when they can. They came back to Peru this last time around July and had a tourist visa which allowed them to stay six months. After we arrived in Peru and got settled, my parents came out to stay with us for a couple weeks. During that time, God placed a burden in their hearts for the people in Huaycan. After praying about it, they went on an adventure living in the building we rent for the church, sleeping on air mattresses and making due with very basic supplies. They stayed out in Huaycan for two weeks visiting the people, schools, and leading a women's bible study. They were a great encouragement to the people in the church.

As Christmas approached, the church decided to put together some Christmas baskets to give to needy families in the community. The church members gave a special offering for the purchase of certain items while others brought items to be included in the baskets. On a Saturday afternoon, we finished putting the baskets together and were able to go visit these families giving them a basket which in addition to basic food staples we were able to give them a Christmas card with the gospel story in it. As a result, we did had a few visitors in the following services. Please pray that God will use it for His glory.

School Ministry

My responsibilities at Monterrico Christian School grew throughout the last couple months of the school year. I met with most of the teachers to learn from them what they considered to be the school's strengths and weaknesses and have been able to help the school in a review of their administrative structure and policies. I was also able to have several counseling sessions with parents and students including several of the seniors who were experiencing many difficulties in their lives. At the graduation in December, I had the privilege of giving the commencement address to the graduates and their families. I emphasized that we should follow Joseph's example as a visionary, obedient, diligent, consistent and humble servant. Even as he faced adversity and injustice, he remained faithful to God.

News from the home front

After JD's accident (broken ankle), he did have the surgery and has been healing well. Thanks to the generosity of our home church, JD was able to come back to Lima over his Christmas break to spend it with us. We also were able to have my parents, my sister and her daughter with us on Christmas day.

Picture taken from the front of the church building of a Roman Catholic procession 
One of the people in the Huaycan community who received one of the Christmas baskets
My Dad, Dave, witnessing in Huaycan
My Mom, Wilma, visiting in Huaycan
Kindergarten class at Monterrico Christian School
Our family at Christmas with my parents, sister and niece
2016 Surretts, Missionaries to Peru

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