Ministry News

Preaching in our Spanish teacher's church
Debbie and the kids have been taking Spanish lessons for about one year from Vicky Garcia, a Peruvian pastor's wife. One Sunday, I had the opportunity to preach twice in their annual special thanksgiving service at their church. It was a privilege to be able to share with them, challenge them and encourage them during this time. It was also encouraging to us as we were able to witness a baptismal service and participate in a time of fellowship following the service.
Escuela Para Padres (School for Parents)
As part of our school's ministry outreach, we schedule times for parents to come to school during an evening to talk about how we can be better parents. Throughout the year, I have had the opportunity to speak at several of these meetings with the most recent ones being to the parents of Preschool and to the parents of 5th and 6th grades. We have had many parents comment about the meetings being helpful to them in knowing how to raise their children. I have also had opportunities to talk to parents about their relationships with God during these meetings and in follow up individual meetings.
Anniversary week events
Each year, the school takes a week to celebrate its anniversary. La Molina Christian School celebrated its 16th Anniversary this year with special activities for the students and culminating with a special event on Saturday. We decided to split the Preschool celebration from Elementary and Secondary this year which meant that we had two Saturdays of closing ceremonies. The students had opportunities to participate in Bible, math, chess, ping pong, soccer, volleyball, handball, basketball and other activities. The Secondary students also had some team building activities to get them to learn the importance of working as a team and encouraging one another. We tried to emphasize throughout the week the importance of meekness. Meekness is not weakness. It is strength under control. During both of the closing ceremonies with the students and parents, I was able to present the gospel. Many of the parents have heard it before but there are still many who have not chosen to humble themselves before God to accept His salvation. Continue to pray for the continued opportunities to minister to them.
Family News
After the Bucknam family that visited us from our church returned to the States, they left Joy behind. Joy is a senior in college as an education major and needed to complete part of her student teaching overseas. We were glad to be able to work it out for her to do her student teaching at our school. She taught 6th and 10th grade math classes in English but using Spanish textbooks. Student teaching is tough enough, but Joy did a great job of connecting with the students of a different culture and helping them to learn a difficult subject. Her stay with us was a good time for our family especially for Amy and Julia. We wish her the best as she finishes her second half of student teaching the States before graduating in December.
Debbie's Health
Over the course of the last two months, Debbie's health has been deteriorating. Debbie has always experienced headaches but they have become constant. She has also developed tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and fatigue. We suspected a sinus infection as she has had those in the past as well. After consulting with a couple different doctors and having a sinus tomography performed, they do not believe that she has a sinus infection. The fatigue has increased and has limited her to short periods of activity before needing to rest. She wakes up every morning with muscle and head aches. We are continuing to consult with doctors and have more tests performed to try to determine the cause and the treatment required. Please be praying for Debbie during this time.
At Iglesia Evangelica Bautista (the church where Vicky, our Spanish teacher, is the pastor's wife)
Anniversary Week Activities
Anniversary Saturday Activities
Pre-School Anniversary Activities
Sightseeing in the Andes Mountains about 3 hours from Lima with the joys of Peruvian roads (besides a delay, all was well)


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