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Welcome to the February issue of the Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative Research Round-Up! 

This is a monthly digest of published academic research relating to Phragmites. Click here to view the archive of these newsletters as well as an FAQ on how articles are selected.
Enjoy the articles below and be sure to contact us with your feedback!
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Grasses as appropriate targets in weed biocontrol: is the common reed, Phragmites australis, an anomaly?

Richard A. Casagrande, Patrick Häfliger, Hariet L. Hinz, Lisa Tewksbury, Bernd Blossey
Biocontrol, forthcoming issue. 
DOI:| Published online: Feb 20, 2018

Taxonomic structure and function of seed-inhabiting bacterial microbiota from common reed (Phragmites australis) and narrowleaf cattail (Typha angustifolia L.)

Ting Gao and Xian-Yang Shi
Archives of Microbiology, forthcoming issue
DOI: | Published online, Feb 17, 2018

Long-term habitat changes in a protected area: Implications for herpetofauna habitat management and restoration

Chantel E. Markle, Gillian Chow-Fraser, Patricia Chow-Fraser 
PLoS ONE 13(2)
DOI: | Published online: Feb 14, 2018

The influence of an invasive plant on denitrification in an urban wetland

Sarah S. Roley, Michael R. Grace, Perran L.M. Cook
Freshwater Biology
DOI: | Published online: Feb 8, 2018


Disease protection and allelopathic interactions of seed-transmitted endophytic pseudomonads of invasive reed grass (Phragmites australis)

James F. White & Kathryn I. Kingsley & Kurt P. Kowalski & Ivelisse Irizarry & April Micci & Marcos A. Soares & Marshall S. Bergen
Plant Soil (2018) 422:195–208
DOI: | Published online: Jan 9, 2018 (included here because it did not appear in the Dec-Jan edition)
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