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March 2012 Newsletter
Harmonize Your Brand with a Spring Clean
Spring is in the air, and so are the winds of change for today’s businesses. Maybe it’s time for a spring cleaning of your business identity. With Harmony Design’s innovative design and technology solutions, you can freshen up your brand and sweep your way to a sparkling new future.

Dust Off Your Brand.
Harmony DesignDoes your brand need a good polish? Don’t let it just sit around gathering dust. A Harmony Design brand redesign can put the shine back in your logo, collateral materials, and company's image to optimize it for your audience.

Knock the Rust Off Your Website.
Knock the Rust Off Your Website. Harmony Design can help you clean off that rusty old website and put it to work for you with a cutting-edge content management system, a blog that engages customers, and user interaction features that bring your clients closer.

Clear the Cobwebs from Your Software.
If your online functionality is getting stale, a Wordpress or software upgrade through Harmony Design can freshen up your online presence, enhance your security, and put you on the path to better profits. 

Take Your Customer Interaction Out of Moth Balls.
If you’re not engaging your customers with every tool possible, then you may be letting opportunities collect moth balls in the corner. Harmony Design offers easy, effective social media integration that includes social media feeds on your website, custom Twitter backgrounds, "Like It" or "Share" buttons, customized email blasts, and much more to better link your social marketing and your website.
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