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Wendyl's Green Goddess

My new book out now.

I began analysing supermarket foods every week for the Weekend Herald because I thought it would be interesting and a bit of a challenge. But instead, I just got angry. Angry that sitting on the shelves which provide the majority of Kiwi families with their nutrition were additives banned in other countries and with known health risks attached to them.

This book takes the reader through each food group in the supermarket and explains how families can avoid consuming hidden additives and start eating real food again.
In the pages of this beautifully illustrated book you’ll find:
*A comprehensive Food Code Table listing every food code, what ingredients eachrepresents and what it could do to you.
*The 49 additives you should avoid.
*Which artificial food colourings are banned in
the US and UK but are allowed in our food.
*What is really in 48 popular food products.
It also offers 76 easy, real-food recipes to replace processed foods and practical ways for families to start shopping smarter.
Available exclusively at Whitcoulls stores nationwide or on my website for signed copies. Click here to buy now. 

 I've had so many requests to do this from people who have friends or family who love my products but don't know what they would like or need when it comes to buying them a present. This is easy to do. Click on the yellow button above which will take you to my home page. In the far right is a similar button. This will take you to Paypal, you choose the amount, type in the recipient's email address and send it off to them. They can use it on our Shop Now page, but they do need to register with Paypal which is safe and easy to do. 

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My Books

Click  here  to read about my books.

My Products

My Wendyl's Green Goddess business is nearly three years old and we now have a range of 21 natural cleaning products all made out of easy to understand, 100% natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, washing soda and essential oils. All have the recipes on them to encourage people to make and refill themselves. I didn't mean to start this business but one day a friend sat me down and told me to make them for people like her who were too busy to do it. And so these products were born and I thank all my loyal customers for making this a great little business. We're not making a profit yet but it pays for itself and that's fantastic.
To see all my products please go here to the Shop Now page of my website. 

What shops stock your products?

We are now stocked in 29 shops throughout New Zealand and working hard to get into more. To find out if a store near you is selling my products click here to go to my website retailers page. And please if you would like us stocked near you email us at with the name of the shop and a contact and we'll send them a pack and tell them their customers are demanding they stock us!

Look out for me
Read my columns in the Herald on Sunday, New Zealand Woman's Weekly, and Weekend Herald . Listen to me on NewstalkZB on Fridays at 8.15am with Jeremy Wells and Mike Hosking and Saturday mornings at 11.15 with Paul Holmes. For NewstalkZB frequencies click here. 

New book is out, watch those serving sizes, additive free instant noodles recipe.

My new book arrived this week and I'm always a bit relieved when I open up a carton and there it is staring up at me with all its fingers and toes intact! I can't believe how wonderful it looks and I'm so very glad we went to the extra expense of including wonderful artworks painted by our daughter Alex Scott. 
It's called Wendyl Nissen's Supermarket Companion - how to bring home good food and is the story about what happens to me as I write my column Wendyl Wants to Know where I analyse processed foods for the Weekend Herald. I get very angry at the number of additives which are allowed in our foods, yet are banned overseas. I've also written a food code table which takes every food code we use in this country and tells what the additive is and what it could do to you. I also give 76 easy, real food recipes for alternatives to processed meals. For more information on the book have a look on my website here
And the best news is that I am selling it exclusively through Whitcoulls stores and on my website. The official launch is September 23 but Whitcoulls told me this week they were so excited to have it they thought they'd put it out in shops anyway. So I guess we're having a soft launch. You should be able to find it in all Whitcoulls stores now and I've just put it on my website. If you liked my other books then I know you'll love this one and my dream is that people will take it along with them to the supermarket to consult the lists of additives to avoid in the back and use this book as a tool to living a healthier, additive-free life by eating more natural, healthier foods.
To be one of the first to get a signed copy of my new book click here to buy now. 

Use your noodle
My favourite recipe in the book is the one I invented very early on for my Weekend Herald column as an alternative to instant noodles. So many kids eat these yet they are high in fat and salt, are basically noodles soaked in a chemical soup which has little nuritional value. These are so easy to make and your kids will love them just as much as the supermarket variety:

Additive-free Noodles
1 cake unflavoured noodles (Highmark Egg noodles fine cut are good)

1/2 cup low salt soy sauce (buy one with no flavour enhancers e.g. Kikkoman)
2 garlic cloves, crushed.
2 tsp chilli sauce (sweet for kids, a little hotter for adults)
1/4 tsp sesame oil
Make up the sauce by mixing the ingredients together and keep in a bottle in the fridge.
Cook the noodle cake per packet directions and then pour on 2 tbsp of the sauce mix. This will give you a quick snack which has five ingredients (although soy sauce has food acids and chilli sauce has a stabiliser).
Time taken: Five minutes for the sauce. Five minutes for the noodles.

A scone with three cups of flour!
My friend and excellent cook Allyson Gofton sent me this picture this week of a scone her husband bought at a cafe. The size of it shocked her and prompted her to ask me to do a column on serving sizes, which isn't a bad idea. She says: "What's truly killing us is serving sizes.This scone has the equivalent of 3 cups white flour!!! No fibre, no vitamins, plus added butter and a large flat white and voila your heart's under attack! And it tasted bloody awful, the centre was undercooked, the dates burnt and the bits without any date in them - just cooked dough,well you'd have got more flavour out of a burnt Aussie drover's damper, cooked over gum coals."
So while my new book is out there harking on about being careful about what is in our food, it seems we also have to be careful about how much of it we're eating!

Johnson and Johnson better late than never
In my last book Mother's Little Helper I analysed Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and baby bath and found that they had all sorts of nasties in them. Yet for years mothers have been encouraged to wash their precious babies in formaldehyde and 1,4 dioxane which are both carcinogens.  This week they have announced that they will be removing the harmful chemicals by 2013 which is great news but also makes you realise that they have known about these chemicals for some time yet kept on pumping out the products and marketing them. To read more click here for an excellent article in Time. In my book I urged mothers to stay away from these products because a baby's skin is extremely vulnerable to absorbing chemicals and there is no reason to use these despite what marketing tells you. To wash a baby all you need  to put in the water is a few drops of olive oil or the juice of half a lemon or 20mls of full fat milk, or a little bag of oats. And if you must use a soap you can use the Dr Bronner's Baby Mild castile soap I sell on my website as it is unscented and very mild. And baby's don't need their hair shampooed either. Just wash it in the bath water or use Dr Bronner's Baby Mild liquid castile soap.

Keeping the hens off new plants
As all you hen keepers know keeping your hens from digging up new plants is a nightmare! This weekend I'm planting out 30 hydrangeas and I really don't want to have to put wire netting around each one. So I hit the poultry forums and found out that all you need to do is put some rocks around the plant. Apparently hens hate scratching through rocks so that's me (and the survival of my hydrangeas) sorted! 

Win a lovely lace heart dish
A few weeks ago we were having dinner at my parents' house and I recognised the lovely lace designed platter she was using. I had given it to her as a present years ago. This week the maker of that platter Adele from  coincidentally got in touch to see if any or my readers would be interested in winning some of her products. "Well, of course", I said. To go in the draw to win one of these lovely heart dishes simply email Adele at and she'll select two lucky winners and send them out. 

Lotus Oils

Lotus Oils have eucalyptus oil on special which is great news for cold and flu sufferers as it is great to pop on a hanky, drip on your pillow or put in a bowl of steaming hot water and inhale. It's a great anti-bacterial essential oil to have in the home also to dilute with water and spray in sick rooms or in bathrooms. This week you can get 100ml of eucalyptus oil for just $20 at Lotus Oils. Click here to buy now. 

Baby Wipe Kit

Some supermarket baby wipes have the chemical iodopropynyl butylcarbamate in them which is a preservative which is banned in products that can be inhaled. How many times have you wiped your baby's nose with a baby wipe? This kit will set a new mother up with a wonderful NZ designed BPA free Click Clack cube (1 litre) which has a lid you can take off and on with one hand while the other holds baby. You fold into the cube kitchen towels or cloths and dampen them with the Baby Wipe Solution (500ml) which contains nothing but water, rosewater (antiseptic and anti-bacterial) and witchhazel (soothing for itchy, inflamed skin). Put the lid back on and you are set to go. Keep refilling as you run out, the solution will make more than four cubes worth. Kit costs just $29.95 and makes a great easy gift for new mums. Click here to buy. *Kitchen towels in picture not included. 

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