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Wendyl's Green Goddess

Make-up Monday - 50% off for ONE DAY ONLY.

We had so many people upset that they couldn't use my birthday 50% off coupon because it expired earlier than they thought it would that I've decided to put it back on for one day only, to make-up for the confusion. On Monday, August 6 you can go shopping and receive my 50th birthday offer of 50% off all my products. The offer will be open from midnight Sunday to midnight Monday. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:
Once you have cilcked Check Out and entered your details you will be taken to a screen which has a coupon code box like the one below.  Enter the words      50 is fun!    just as it is written here (don't forget the ! ) and do not forget to click on Enter Coupon Code to adjust your order. When you get to the final checkout page to check your order you will see that 50% has been taken off your order.  Click here to start shopping. 
*The offer does not apply to Dr Bronner's products, some books and some already discounted collections so they will not be available on the website that day.


 I've had so many requests to do this from people who have friends or family who love my products but don't know what they would like or need when it comes to buying them a present. This is easy to do. Click on the yellow button above which will take you to my home page. In the far right is a similar button. This will take you to Paypal, you choose the amount, type in the recipient's email address and send it off to them. They can use it on our Shop Now page, but they do need to register with Paypal which is safe and easy to do. 

Save $20.10 and buy our Starter Pack.

This is our most popular product at the moment because it's perfect for people who want to try the Wendyl's Green Goddess products for the first time and as a gift. You can even take out a few products for yourself before you gift it on! You'll get six products for just $69.95. The full price is $90.05 so you are saving a massive $20.10. We can't keep it at this price for long so get in quick.
You'll get:
1 Peppermint Paste (our bestseller)
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All for just $69.95. Click here to buy.

My Books

Click  here  to read about my books.

My Products

My Wendyl's Green Goddess business is nearly three years old and we now have a range of 21 natural cleaning products all made out of easy to understand, 100% natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, washing soda and essential oils. All have the recipes on them to encourage people to make and refill themselves. I didn't mean to start this business but one day a friend sat me down and told me to make them for people like her who were too busy to do it. And so these products were born and I thank all my loyal customers for making this a great little business. We're not making a profit yet but it pays for itself and that's fantastic.
To see all my products please go here to the Shop Now page of my website. 

What shops stock your products?

We are now stocked in 29 shops throughout New Zealand and working hard to get into more. To find out if a store near you is selling my products click here to go to my website retailers page. And please if you would like us stocked near you email us at with the name of the shop and a contact and we'll send them a pack and tell them their customers are demanding they stock us!

Look out for me
Read my columns in the Herald on Sunday, New Zealand Woman's Weekly, and Weekend Herald . Listen to me on NewstalkZB on Fridays at 8.15am with Jeremy Wells and Mike Hosking and Saturday mornings at 11.15 with Paul Holmes. For NewstalkZB frequencies click here. 

50 is frantic, natural cold remedies, 50% off for just one day.

This is me waiting for our courier, John, downstairs this week in an effort to get all your orders out. My 50% off birthday offer brought us the biggest week of orders we have seen since we started Wendyl's Green Goddess three years ago and so Paul and I have been helping our team out making, packing and sending off van loads three times a day.  We also had problems with our website overloading, so orders didn't come through for a while (you'll be pleased to know my new website and much more modern shopping cart are on track to go live at the end of August!) So I thank everyone for their enthusiasm in supporting my little business, and their patience as our delivery times have not been as prompt as they should be. As I write this, Paul has just told me that we have finally caught up on the orders, so you should see your packages arrive very soon. 

Coupon Confusion

As part of the offer there was a lot of confusion about when it ended, and so we heard from many of  you who tried to order last Thursday, when the offer had expired. I could have explained it all a bit better when I was writing the newsletter in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I'm very sorry for the confusion and to make it up to those who missed out we're having another 50% off offer but for ONE DAY ONLY. Monday Make-Up will be this coming Monday, August 6 and the coupon will be live from midnight Sunday through to midnight Monday. So put it in your diaries and go shopping! The coupon will be the same as last time, so enter the words      50 is fun!    just as they are written here (don't forget the ! ) and do not forget to click on Enter Coupon Code to adjust your order. When you get to the final checkout page to check your order you will see that 50% has been taken off your total. 
*The offer does not extend to all products, so Dr Bronner's, some books and some collections will be off the website for the day.

Colds Comforts

I was in the chemist the other day, and it was full of coughing and sneezing adults and children looking so miserable on a cold, wet, afternoon. Long ago I gave up on cold and flu medicines that you get from the chemist because they don't really work and I think you also get other side-effects.  Nothing can get rid of a cold or flu once you have it, but you can ease the symptoms and shorten its length by supporting your immune system and soothing sort throats with natural remedies. I've compiled here a list of my favourite remedies and recipes to see if some of them might help those who are suffering this week. Pictured are the two products I buy the minute someone in my family is sniffly. The sooner you get onto it the quicker you can help them. And remember natural herbs and minerals need time to work so stay on them for a week or two after your symptoms have disappeared to keep helping your immune system. And if you are particularly prone to illness stay on them for a few months.
Some people swear by getting a flu jab from their doctor, but I don't agree with those unless you are very poorly. If you are in good, general health, then I believe that we need to work with our own immune system to keep it updated and strong. So eat well, take some herbs, get fresh air and keep fit all year round to give your body the strongest immune system it can have, and when you do get a bug, let your body fight it off. Doing that updates the immune system, which has learned how to cope with the new strain of bacteria or virus. A bit like updating your computer virus software. I hope some of these tips help:
  • Take good doses of echnicacea and olive leaf, which are herbs known for helping to improve the immune system.
  • Take 1000mg Vitamin C three times a day.
  • Take zinc, which is known to be a virus scavenger
  • Take garlic. My mother swallows a raw garlic clove every day, or you can buy garlic tablets.
Turmeric Tonic
This is a recipe I've shared quite a bit because it really works! The Balinese call it Jamu and take it every day to ward off illness.Turmeric is a natural antiseptic, preservative and anti-inflammatory. If you can find raw turmeric at an Indian or Asian supply shop, that would be great, Sometimes they have it frozen. Otherwise powdered turmeric is better than nothing!
Balinese Jamu
4 tbsp finely grated fresh turmeric (use a ginger grater) or use 1 tbsp powdered turmeric
1 tbsp lime or lemon juice
2 tsp honey
Add these ingredients to half a cup of warm water and drink every morning until you feel better.

Cough Mixture
This was shared by Madeleine Booths-Smits who is a regular correspondent and runs a great blog called She says it tastes particularly nasty but works a treat.
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp fresh grated ginger or 1/4 tsp ground ginger
1 clove garlic, grated (I used minced garlic)
2 T raw honey
2 T lemon juice
Add all the ingredients in a jar and stir. You can heat to soften the honey. Take 1 dessertspoon every few hours or as needed. Store in the fridge and make more as you need. Will keep for several days.
Madeleine says: "This mixture looks, smells and taste disgusting! I honestly think it is THE most disgusting thing I have EVER tasted! But boy does it work! I got a great night's sleep last night and feel much more human today. So even though it tastes foul, it is totally worth making. Just eat something yummy after taking it."

Healing Bath.
Every day have a hot bath into which you have added: 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil (see Lotus Oils' special below), 10 drops lavender essential  oil and 10 drops peppermint essential oil. Together, these are great anti-bacterial and anti-viral fighters and you also breathe the scent of the oils in while you are lying there to clear your sinuses. They will also attach to your skin and keep working after you have left the bath, so just dab dry, don't rub.

Chicken Soup
Boil up a soup with lots of chicken carcasses (it's important to have the bones for extra nutrition), green veges (like silverbeet or spinach) loads of garlic, onion and chilli. Keep it on the stove to be sipped throughout the day (do reheat to boiling for five minutes each time). Chicken soup has been a a folk cure used since the 12th century, and there is a study supporting its claim to healing properties. Researcher Dr Stephen Rennard at the University of Nebraska found that the ingredients can prompt a flu-fighting reaction in the body. 

Lemon, Honey and Ginger Drink
1 tsp grated raw ginger
1 tsp honey ( or more to taste)
Juice of 1 lemon
Put all the ingredients in a mug and pour on hot - not boiling - water. If the water is boiling, it will kiill the Vitamin C present in the lemon.
*For adults add a tot of brandy, rum or whisky for extra soothing powers.

Immune Soup
Click here for a link to a slightly complicated soup remedy but one worth a try if you can find someone to run out and source the ingredients. 

Vitamin D
Studies show that we get low on Vitamin D when there isn't a lot of sun around, so get some from the chemist and top yourself up.

That's right, take a few days off work, get someone in to mind the kids or go stay with your mum! Bed rest is the best cure for any ailment and in these modern times we have forgotten that. So aim for two days in bed and you'll get better much faster than "soldiering on", as one add for cold drugs tells us on the TV. And you won't be spreading your germs at work.

*A note on honey. If you're using honey for medicinal purposes buy the best quality you can afford to get the best healing powers from it. Comvita do a very good range.

Malcolm Harker Winter Giveaway
I've been a big fan of Malcolm Harker's herbal tonics for years. I particularly like his Immune Support and am always buying it for friends who are feeling a bit low. Recently, on my trip overseas, I had a burn on my arm which got quite infected, and I treated it really well with his Healing Cream. This week I am delighted to have five of his Winter Health packs to give away. The packs contain Emphysemol - a tonic to support deep lung function; Eutherol - a tonic to support temperature balance, speed recovery and soothe dry throats; and Blessed Relief Balm - a soothing mentholated chest rub. To go into the draw to win one of these fabulous packs, send an email to and be in to win. They will choose the winners and send the products out. Entries close in a week - Thursday, August 9.

Lamington Sock Winners
Congratulations to Wendy Harper, Lizi Wood, Vicki Harris, Jennifer Lee and Ana Steiner, who won a pair of Lamington socks in the giveaway last week. Those who missed out can go to and get 30% off socks while stocks last. Just use the code WENDYL when checking out to receive your discount. Offer is open until Friday, August 10 at 5pm. 



Lotus Oils

Lotus Oils have eucalyptus oil on special which is great news for cold and flu sufferers as it is great to pop on a hanky, drip on your pillow or put in a bowl of steaming hot water and inhale. It's a great anti-bacterial essential oil to have in the home also to dilute with water and spray in sick rooms or in bathrooms. This week you can get 100ml of eucalyptus oil for just $20 at Lotus Oils. Click here to buy now. 

Baby Wipe Kit

Some supermarket baby wipes have the chemical iodopropynyl butylcarbamate in them which is a preservative which is banned in products that can be inhaled. How many times have you wiped your baby's nose with a baby wipe? This kit will set a new mother up with a wonderful NZ designed BPA free Click Clack cube (1 litre) which has a lid you can take off and on with one hand while the other holds baby. You fold into the cube kitchen towels or cloths and dampen them with the Baby Wipe Solution (500ml) which contains nothing but water, rosewater (antiseptic and anti-bacterial) and witchhazel (soothing for itchy, inflamed skin). Put the lid back on and you are set to go. Keep refilling as you run out, the solution will make more than four cubes worth. Kit costs just $29.95 and makes a great easy gift for new mums. Click here to buy. *Kitchen towels in picture not included. 

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