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Free shipping all this week

Make the most of this offer to get your Christmas shopping done and dusted. Buy someone you love a copy of Mother's Little Helper, A Home Companion or Domestic Goddess on a Budget, or some of my products to encourage them to have a chemical-free 2012! Just shop as usual and you'll find when you check-out there is no postage charges. Enjoy this as it runs until Thursday, December 14 at 3pm. To start shopping click here

 I've had so many requests to do this from people who have friends or family who love my products but don't know what they would like or need when it comes to buying them a present. This is easy to do. Click on the button above which will take you to my home page. In the far right is a similar button. This will take you to Paypal, you choose the amount, type in the recipient's email address and send it off to them. They can use it on our Shop Now page, but they do need to register with Paypal which is safe and easy to do. 

Baby Shower Kit just $67.00
I'm getting lots of messages on social media saying that at baby showers everyone is talking about my book Mother's LIttle Helper and the new range of Wendyl's Green Goddess baby products. Why not give the whole lot at the next baby shower you go to and make a mum-to-be's day! Would normally cost $93.80 but just $67.00.

You'll get:
1 copy of Mother's LIttle Helper
1 Baby Mild laundry powder
1 Wendyl-San laundry soaker
1 Baby Wipe Kit
(teddy not included)
Click here to buy.

My Books

My new book Mother's Little Helper - an old-fashioned guide to raising your baby chemical-free is out now. Click here to buy a signed copy and receive a free Bitch and Famous, my memoir about my time editing women's magazines (so long ago now!). To read about  my other books click here  

My Products

My Wendyl's Green Goddess business is nearly two years old and we now have a range of 21 natural cleaning products all made out of easy to understand, 100% natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, washing soda and essential oils. All have the recipes on them to encourage people to make and refill themselves. I didn't mean to start this business but one day a friend sat me down and told me to make them for people like her who were too busy to do it. And so these products were born and I thank all my loyal customers for making this a great little business. We're not making a profit yet but it pays for itself and that's fantastic.
To see all my products please go here to the Shop Now page of my website. 

What shops stock your products?

We are now stocked in 29 shops throughout New Zealand and working hard to get into more. To find out if a store near you is selling my products click here to go to my website retailers page. And please if you would like us stocked near you email us at with the name of the shop and a contact and we'll send them a pack and tell them their customers are demanding they stock us!

Look out for me
Read my columns in the Herald on Sunday, New Zealand Woman's Weekly, Weekend Herald and NZ Gardener. Listen to me on NewstalkZB on Fridays at 8.15am with Jeremy Wells and Mike Hosking and Saturday mornings at 11.15 with Paul Holmes. For NewstalkZB frequencies click here. 

We have bees, one more fly repellent idea, Dr Bronner's gets the big tick.

Here are our two new beehives which look like they've always been there, don't they? We are renting them from which means they maintain the hives and give us the honey! And hopefully some beeswax and pollen if I'm lucky. After a while we will learn how to do it from them and one day purchase a top bar hive and do it ourselves. It's so fascinating to watch them all going in and out of the hive and they make a pleasant low humming noise which I find very soothing. I've also been approached by Janet from Green Urban Livin, who is very active in the Save Our Bees charitable trust, which works hard to educate people about bees and why we need them in our gardens. You can read about it on her site here She wants me to be an ambassador for the trust but I think I need to learn a bit more about them first. Only one person in the house has been stung so far, and of course it was me! I'm looking forward to a bumper crop of tomatoes this year and maybe next year my plum tree will give me some plums!

Mint's on toast

How are your mint plants doing? As you can see mine are a bit battered and torn after being placed throughout the house as fly repellents. I'm letting them recover outside and to be honest after the initial few weeks of fantastic fly repelling they lost their mojo. So I bought some more, thinking I would rotate them with one lot inside and the other out for a week then swapping them over. But still there are flies. So at the moment I am burning a combination of lavender and citronella essential oils (Lotus Oils have these at good prices this week) in this electric vaporiser I bought. According to my favourite book The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood flies hate the smell of them. You could also use an oil burner with a votive candle or put the oils on cotton wool in a saucer. I've just checked the kitchen and there are a few hardy souls but I think it is making a difference. I had lunch with the lovely Lorraine Downes the other day and she told me she hates flies and uses one of those fly spray dispensers which shoots stuff out every few minutes. I told her that it might be better if she just did a big spray in the morning and evening rather than having it automatically sprayed into the room all the time. 

It's Safe to use Dr Bronners and Living Nature

This report makes interesting reading from Safe Cosmetics who decided to see after four years of their work trying to get chemical additives out of cosmetics if it had worked. They found that many mainstream cosmetics companies had made big efforts to change their ingredients and some such as Estee Lauder hadn't. I was so pleased to find that Dr Bronner's soaps which we use in all the Wendyl's Green Goddess products and my favourite cosmetic company Living Nature made it into their list of champion companies for complying with a list or requirements for safety set out by Safe Cosmetics. Remember you can buy Dr Bronner's on my website and I encourage you to make the shift to these soaps as they are not only delightful to use but also very safe.

Freight free frenzy

I know you are all madly getting your Christmas shopping done, so to encourage you to make a gift of my products or books I'm not going to add any freight ... for this week only. So make the most of it while you can.

Budget beauty

Pearl popped a bottle of shampoo and conditioner in my shopping trolley a few weeks ago and I vaguely noticed the word "organic" and thought "oh here we go another multi-national trying to pass of chemical laden stuff as organic." I forgot about it and then used it one morning in the shower and loved it. So I spent some time at the weekend researching every ingredient on the Skin Deep website and found that all the ingredients checked out except a couple of preservatives which scored a 6/10 which isn't too bad. So I am pleased to see a supermarket product at a decent price ($5.99) which is readily available for people trying to look after themselves. 

Rash remedy for nappy days

I know I gave this out not so long ago but I made another batch for Gemma this week as our grand-daughter Emmie was having bad nappy rash and Gemma swears by it. So much so that she had given her lot to a friend whose baby had nappy rash too, so I made a big batch to share around her friends. I now use a product called vegetum instead of petroleum jelly as it is more natural and doesn't use valuable fossil fuels. You can get it at This ointment used to be made up at the chemist for mums and was always recommended by Karitane nurses in the old days. It would make a great homemade Christmas  present for anyone with babies in nappies. 

Mix together in a bowl
50g petroleum jelly or vegeum jelly 
1tsp zinc oxide powder
3 mls almond oil
½ tsp lanoline ( you can get this at the chemist)

Hold it!

I nearly didn't put this link in because I knew some of you would have a good laugh, but something about it really appeals to me. Perhaps as a Christmas gift? Whatever you think it's a great way to recycle an old lotion bottle and make a nifty little holder for your cellphone while it is charging. Click here to find out how. Okay, you can stop laughing now but if someone makes this could they send me a pic please so that I can prove that it was a good idea to put it in the newsletter. 


Last week's winners of the Baby Banz sunglasses and Mosquito Bands are Margaret Hutson of Papakura and Suzanne McKenzie of Whangarei. Your prizes will be sent out today. 


I've spent years testing this oxygen soaker and stain remover and I'm so glad to finally put it on the market. The  secret ingredient is sodium percarbonate which is powdered hydrogen peroxide bleach which breaks down in the environment to oxygen and water. This is mixed with soda ash and works wonders on whites and stains. You can even make a stain removing paste by mixing with a little water. This 1kg jar will keep you in soaker for ages and costs just $19.95. Click here to buy for your whites and remember all my products come with a recipe on the label so that you can refill yourself. 

Baby Mild Laundry Powder Concentrate

Fragrance-free and safe and soft for baby like all my laundry powders this uses Dr Bronner's Baby Mild castile soap which contains olive, hemp, coconut, and jojoba oils. Just 1 Tbs per wash does the trick for baby's clothes and nappies and there won't be any chemicals left in them to agitate their sensitive skin. Can be used in front or top loaders. 500g for just $16.95. And remember all my products come with the recipe printed on the label so that you can refill yourself. Click here to buy now. 

Baby Mild Laundry Liquid

Made to the same recipe as our ever popular lavender laundry liquid but without any fragrance added. This wonderfully gentle liquid is just the thing for washing delicate woollens and baby clothes. We use Dr Bronners Baby Mild liquid soap which has olive, hemp, coconut and jojoba oils. Each 2 litre bottle will last for ages and costs just $19.95. To buy click here. And remember all my products come with the recipe on the label so that you can refill yourself. 

Baby Wipe Kit

Some supermarket baby wipes have the chemical iodopropynyl butylcarbamate in them which is a preservative which is banned in products that can be inhaled. How many times have you wiped your baby's nose with a baby wipe? This kit will set a new mother up with a wonderful NZ designed BPA free Click Clack cube (1 litre) which has a lid you can take off and on with one hand 
while the other holds baby. You fold into the cube kitchen towels or cloths and dampen them with the Baby Wipe Solution (500ml) which contains nothing but water, rosewater (antiseptic and anti-bacterial) and witchhazel (soothing for itchy, inflamed skin). Put the lid back on and you are set to go. Keep refilling as you run out, the solution will make more than four cubes worth. Kit costs just $29.95 and makes a great easy gift for new mums. Click here to buy. *Kitchen towels in picture not included. 

Baby Wipe Solution

If you already have an airtight container and some kitchen towels, now you just need the baby wipe solution. Each 500ml bottle contains nothing but water, witchhazel and rosewater. Witchhazel is antiseptic and soothing for inflamed skin and we source this without added preservatives. Rosewater is a wonderful antiseptic and anti-bacterial and we source this from a New Zealand supplier who adds no preservatives. This is wonderful as a refreshing face or hand cleanser as well. Each bottle costs $15.00 and you can click here to buy. Remember all our products come with the recipe on the label so that you can refill yourself. Click here to buy now.

Lotus Oils

Want to get that unique rose smell as featured in Wendyl's Green Goddess rose laundry powder and rose spray cleaner? Just use equal quantities fo these two amazing essential oils which we have on special this week just for Green Goddess newsletter readers.
Rose Geranium Egyptian 25ml – special price $8.00 and Palmarosa Indian 25ml - just $5.00
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