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Wendyl's Green Goddess

At last I've worked out how to put a gift certificate on my website. I've had so many requests to do this from people who have friends or family who love my products but don't know what they would like or need when it comes to buying them a present. This is easy to do. Click on the button above which will take you to my home page. In the far right is a similar button. This will take you to Paypal, you choose the amount, type in the recipient's email address and send it off to them. They can use it on our Shop Now page, but they do need to register with Paypal which is safe and easy to do. 

Save $29.40 and buy our Starter Pack.

This is our most popular product at the moment because it's perfect for people who want to try the Wendyl's Green Goddess products for the first time and as a gift. You can even take out a few products for yourself before you gift it on! You'll get six products for just $55.80. The full price is $85.20 so you are saving a massive $29.40. We can't keep it at this price for long so get in quick.
You'll get:
1 Peppermint Paste (our bestseller)
1 Rose Laundry Powder
1 Blueing Powder
1 Spray Cleaner
1 Glass Cleaner
1 Mould Magic
All for just $55.80. Click here to buy.

My Books

My new book Mother's Little Helper - an old-fashioned guide to raising your baby chemical-free is out on September 12. We're busy sending it out to bookshops who are giving us good orders so it should be ready and waiting for you in good time. You'll also be able to buy it on my website. To read about it and my other books click here  

My Products

My Wendyl's Green Goddess business is nearly two years old and we now have a range of 21 natural cleaning products all made out of easy to understand, 100% natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, washing soda and essential oils. All of the have the recipes on them to encourage people to make and refill themselves. I didn't mean to start this business but one day a friend sat me down and told me to make them for people like her who were too busy to do it. And so these products were born and I thank all my loyal customers for making this a great little business. We're not making a profit yet but it pays for itself and that's fantastic.
To see all my products please go here to the Shop Now page of my website. 

What shops stock your products?

We are now stocked in 29 shops throughout New Zealand and working hard to get into more. To find out if a store near you is selling my products click here to go to my website retailers page. And please if you would like us stocked near you email us at with the name of the shop and a contact and we'll send them a pack and tell them their customers are demanding they stock us!

Look out for me
Read my weekly columns in the Herald on Sunday, New Zealand Woman's Weekly, Weekend Herald and NZ Gardener. Listen ot me on NewstalkZB on Fridays at 8.15am with Jeremy Wells and Mike Hosking and Saturday mornings at 11.15 with Paul Holmes. For NewstalkZB frequencies click here. 

Welcome to the new look newsletter

I've been working on this template for some time, mainly because I wanted to streamline a lot of the information which gets repeated here every week and make it easier for you to navigate about. I've also put in some advertisements from companies just like mine who have great information and products to offer my readers. I hope you don't find this is too commercial of me but there are costs associated with getting this little magazine of mine out to you every week and so I'm just trying to meet those and I thank them for their help and enthusiasm. I hope you support my advertisers and don't worry I'm limiting them to just four per issue to keep this newsletter true to its mission, which is to keep you all up to date with new information about living a chemical-free life and great new recipes to try. 

Coming to your place - I hope!

I am so grateful that Paul has the kind of mind which can sit down with a map of New Zealand and co-ordinate a road trip which will take in 22 Paperplus stores for two weeks from September 19. I am so looking forward to getting on the road in my Prius (petrol costs will be low) and meeting readers and hope to see many of you and your babies or grandbabies in your town. To see where we are going click here to go to my website to see times and places. I'll be demonstrating how to make your own all-natural baby wipes, filling you in on some of the research I've found, taking questions and giving out prize packs of my all new Wendyl's Green Goddess baby products, Living Nature gift packs, Ecoya candles and NZ Woman's Weekly subscriptions. And a big thank you to Mainstay Hotels who will be sponsoring us with accommodation. 

Give colds the cold shoulder

I've had so many people contact me through FB, Twitter and my website for advice on natural ways to handle colds and flu. I've had a very mild cold this past week and so I've been using everything I have to help my body's immune system fight it off. I don't get upset when I get a bug because it is all part of my body's immune system updating itself, just as your computer system needs to update. Once I'm over this my immune system will know what to do next time that bug passes by. Here then is my foolproof way to ensure that, provided you are in reasonable health, your cold or flu will be mild and pass through your system relatively quickly. I'm giving you the first two remedies but please click here for the full list includng a hot toddy recipe. (I'm trying really hard to keep this newsletter shorter.)
1) Baths. Every day have a hot bath into which you have added: 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil, 10 drops lavender essential  oil and 10 drops peppermint essential oil. The combination of these are great anti-bacterial and anti-viral fighters and you also breathe the scent of the oils in while you are lying there to clear your sinuses. They will also attach to your skin and keep working after you have left the bath so just dab dry, don't rub.

2) Healtheries garlic, vitamin C, zinc, echinacea with olive leaf - take two tablets three times a day as well as Blackmores Bio C 1000mg one tablet three times a day. Both of these are available in supermarkets and chemists and all these ingredients support your immune system, clean out viruses and relieve minor respiratory symptoms. Keep taking these for a week after you feel better to assist your body to heal. 

That's 'D' as in healthy 

I've been raving to anyone who will listen about how so many of us are deficient in Vitamin D. I visited Dr Helen Smith who is a medical doctor who practises holistic medicine and specialises in women's health checks. I went to her for a blood test to check my hormones and to find out why I had been feeling so tired lately. I know I am working too hard but something just didn't feel right. By the time I saw her my acupuncturist Dawn Lucia had restored a lot of my energy but Helen took one look at me and gave me a script for Vitamin D. I had two melanomas removed when I was 30 so I don't spend much time in the sun, although I do eat a lot of Vitamin D-rich liver! Many New Zealanders are Vitamin D deficient especially during the winter. Helen put me on a course - which cost all of $3 at the chemist - and I am now feeling so much better and many things I have been living with for years have now come right (I'll spare you the details). Vitamin D is especially good for women because it is like a hormone and really important for sleep, mineral absorption and good mood! Have a look at Helen's website for her thoughts on Vitamin D. 

Lotus Oils

100% Pure & Natural Lavender Angustifolia. This is the lavender oil of choice for applications in soaps, candles, perfumes and cosmetics as it has a very consistent floral scent. Our Special Green Goodess price – 100ml for $22 incl GST. Click here to buy.

Bin Inn   

Bin Inn’s Barrel Talk flyer is out now – see page 12 for some good old fashioned back to basics homemade cleaning recipes that won’t clean out your budget. Click here to read an online copy or the Barrel Talk flyer or get a copy from any of the 32 Bin Inn stores.

Would you like to advertise?

This newsletter goes out to 7400 plus readers every week. Stats show it is widely read on Twitter and Facebooks as well. My rates are very reasonable as I am just wanting to recoup some of the costs associated with sending this out every week. If you're interested email me at for rates and stats.

Kings Seeds

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Verite Organics

Organic baby skincare from Verité Bébé
Save $10 when you purchase a 250ml gentle hair and body wash,65ml bum-bum balm and 15ml sleep balm together for just $24.50! Click here to buy now. 
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