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Meet the Buells!
Missionaries to Haiti
Sent by Hillcrest Covenant
through The Sending Project


The Sending Project is excited to be in partnership with Hillcrest Covenant Church in the sending of the Lee and Brianna Buell family to Haiti as missionaries!

You can click on this link for a short video that tells some of their story, and you can also read the newsletter update from Lee Buell, that follows in this email.


If you want to schedule the Buells to speak at your church, please contact Lee Buell at:

If you are interested in exploring a mission partnership connection with the Buells, please contact Eric Rochester at:


       The Buells are going to Haiti...
               how it all started

                                              by Lee Buell

Our church heard about the Earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, 2010, and we wanted to do something. My pastor asked me to go since we each have a classic car and I'd ofered to help him with his and I had a degree in Automotive Technology. We thought the orphanage we were going to might need somebody to work on their vehicles or generators. Little did any of us know God had a much bigger idea in mind. A group of 10 from our church went down to the Maison de Lumiere (MDL) Orphanage in May of 2010. Bill and Suzette Manassero run MDL and have been in Haiti since 2004, and they and the MDL staff take care of about 50 Haitian children. MDL also has a school where children from the community also attend. To learn more about MDL their website is

We worked on projects, played with the kids, and I also worked on some of their vehicles. During the week God hinted many times that Haiti could be a place I could live. On Thursday, God made it clear that He wanted me to move there with my family. When I told my wife, Brianna, that night her reply was "I thought you were going to say that two days ago." We had a lot to pray about, talk about and questions to ask. I feel very humbled that God has a plan for us and my life. I'm not a doctor, and I'm not really any good at musical instruments (even after years of lessons as a kid). Yet God still has a use for my life that can bring Glory to His Kingdom. I just feel very humbled that He's choasen me to be part of this after years of wondering how I could Glorify God by working on old cars and things that will only rust away. Years of struggling in my mind and heart to find a career or mission that will Glorify Him and I somehow ended up exactly where He wanted me all along.

According to Suzette Manassero, "Everything in Haiti breaks all the time." After talking with Bill and Suzette about my calling to move there, and the skill set God has given me, we worked together to create a role that fills some of their needs while making use of my talents. My role will be three-pronged: First -- I'll be repairing their vehicles; Second -- I'll be Project Manager of the projects taken on by church groups that visit every other week; Third -- I'll be kind of a facilities manager/maintenance man/handyman.

We talked to our church who helped us go down again on an exploratory trip with our youngest daughter. It really helped Brianna to see Haiti with her own eyes and not just from a second-hand account. We prayed about it for several months, and talked to our church, Hillcrest Covenant Church, who agreed to send us but decided it would be best to send us through a missionary sending group. We talked with a few different missionary sending organizations, before we found a great fit for us. That gorup is a Kansas City-based missions sending organization called The Sending Project.

So for us, getting to Haiti looks like this: Our church, Hillcrest Covenant Church, is sending us through The Sending Project, to an orphanage in Haiti called Maison de Lumiere. Officially we are planning to be there for 3 to 7 years, but realistically we think it'll probably be about 5 to 7 years. My goal is to teach some of the graduates of the orphanage and local Haitians to do what I'm going down there to do and to eventually train myself out of a job.

God clearly calls His people to help out orphans (James 1:27). With 80% umemployment in Haiti, one small way to help bring about stability is to help Haitians support themselves. I look forward to being a small part in what God is doing and what He has planned for Haiti. I don't know what that will look like, but I know that if I give up control to Him, instead of doing it my own way, I'll be blown away by His vision and the way He brings it to life.

Please pray that God can show you what He has in store for you and that you can trust Him with control. Also please pray for Haiti, the orphans there and all over the world, and that we can Glorify Him in our thoughts, words and deeds in Haiti.

God Bless,

Lee (and Brianna & family)

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Stay tuned for more updates about the Buells and their journey to the mission field in Haiti!

Eric Rochester
Executive Director