Well done London - let's have a party to celebrate. :) 
Hey Dancers

Something quite spectacular happened recently. A team of over 60+ of our dancers headed to the prestigious Savoy Cup in Montpellier. Many travelled just for the social dancing and/or the classes but many competed. The divisions are full of talented groups and individuals from all over Europe and beyond. You can never assume anything in such a competitive environment. London dancers were outstanding and this doesn’t just refer to the five 1st placings but to every dancer who had the courage and talent to be part of this story. 

We will be having a evening where we honour our dancers on Friday June 2nd at the Bishopsgate Institute where many of these fabulous routines/performances will be performed live for our own London community. Keep the date free for a fun evening where we acknowledge our hard working and talented team. Note that this is a standard tradition and we had a great celebration when our teachers Ash & Ben placed first at the International Lindy Hop championships a few years ago. Have a read of Swing Patrol troupe life in a recent newsletter. 

This newsletter lists mostly London moments as well as some of our favourite non-London moments. 


Chorus Line Division
Dixie Dinahs, London


Cabaret Division
Dixie Dinahs, London





Open Jack & Jill
Michaela Delmonte
Brixton Hill, London


Vintage Clip Division
Brat Pack,


Solo Division
Tine Gatchalian, London
Other first class London performances also now on-line as follows: 

Classic Division 
 Katie & Tom Scott & Paula 

Chorus Line Division 
Skyliners & Fruity Tooties 

Team Division
Brat Pack

Vintage Clip Division
Two other London entries that were amazing! 
Colbert & Lydia & Zoe Elisabeth

Team Battle
London City team were knocked out by team Gothenberg straight up. We will post the Battles on our FB page when they are available. Great to watch.
There are also fabulous videos of Londoners in a range of semi finals and finals in the Strictly Lindy and Open & advanced Jack & Jill sections. Check out all the clips on the Savoy Cup YouTube channel.

Watch Brat Pack trainer Moe Sakan with Gaston from Madrid in the Invitational Jack & Jill

Some of our favourite non London moments... 
Rag Mop in the Vintage Clips Division and  Remy & Alice and Hector & Sonia in the Classic Division. 
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