"Climate Hustle" at the
EU Parliament


Wednesday, CFACT's Marc Morano presented a special screening of Climate Hustle at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Much of Europe long ago embraced global warming orthodoxy with abandon and today is paying the price.

Citizens of Germany, Spain, Denmark and many other lands have seen their electricity prices double and triple, hamstringing their industry and driving people into energy poverty.

When global warming campaigners pried open European taxpayers’ purses in the name of climate change, massive corruption followed.

Climate Hustle exposes the tricks of the global warming trade in ways Europeans badly need to see.  The EU Parliament is the perfect place to open some important eyes.

This special screening of Climate Hustle was sponsored by Roger Helmer, Member of European Parliament (MEP), who has long been a rare voice of climate sense in Brussels.  In an online post, Helmer wrote, "the event went very well. Good crowd, attentive audience and intense Q & A that went on for over 30 minutes with lively debates amongst the audience. Reception was very positive and many members of Parliament attended the screening, including MEPs from Germany, UK and Czech Republic...

I personally found it hugely encouraging – not least the number of interviews with highly qualified climate scientists like, Judith Curry, who started out accepting the scientific ‘consensus’ uncritically, but were prompted to take a closer look by the evident contradictions in the orthodoxy, and switched to a skeptical position – despite the damage that involved for their careers.  They deserve our respect.

Given my own experience as a (fairly) lone voice in the climate debate in the EP, the movie’s affirmation of my own views was hugely encouraging, and I am grateful to Marc Morano and to Climate Depot for coming to Brussels."

Climate Hustle has now been shown inside the capitol buildings of Europe and the United States.  It has been seen by moviegoers in 400 U.S. movie theaters, was the #1 movie in America per screen during its historic one-night theater event, and is now available on DVD and Blu-rayOrder your copy today.

We continue to be flattered by the enthusiasm and great reviews with which this important film is greeted by those who see it.

This film has a lot more work to do.  Watch out, climate hustlers, in Europe and everywhere. People are on to your con!

Climate Hustle works like an inoculation.

Once people see it they won't be easily fooled again.

For nature and people too,


"Climate Hustle" comes to Brussels

By Roger Helmer, MEP

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