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Fight the Green Agenda with Truth. Donate Now!Protestors just swarmed Lord Monckton at a speech at Union College in New York to stop him from telling the truth about 'climate change' propaganda.

Incredibly, this is the next generation of indoctrinated supporters of Obama.

When sixty protestors showed up and outnumbered the students who had an open mind to listen to his point of view, I had great sorrow for the direction of our country.

But ultimately, we decided these were the students who needed to hear our message the most! So we decided to let them in.

Lord Monckton is a long-time partner with CFACT and an environmental policy analyst who advised Margaret Thatcher and still advises governments around the globe.

I can tell you, when Lord Monckton saw the protestors, he was delighted to see so many closed minds because he knew he could open them up and expose the false science and the failed policies their professors indoctrinate into them in the name of saving the planet.

But even Lord Monckton was shocked to see the militant tactics the protestors used as they screamed and wouldn't give him an opportunity to speak when they asked him questions.

Filling the entire room, protestors wore green shirts and flooded the building with posters extolling the false teachings of their professors. During his speech, one girl shouted at the top of her lungs that he wasn't even an environmental scientist!

Sadly, we quickly discovered there were four liberal professors who were in the room who watched over the protesters and even spoke against Monckton in front of them.

But Monckton didn't give up. He showed up armed with scientific fact and at many times when he introduced material the students had never heard, you could hear a pin drop.

But to make sure the students didn't believe anything Monckton told them, the four professors immediately held their own event where they attacked every one of Monckton's points that exposed current climate science simply as a left-wing political agenda.

Witnesses who attended the professor's counter-event claimed it was like watching cultists entranced by their leader at a propaganda rally. These professors weren't about to see their left-wing clones become free-thinkers and will not stand for anyone to doubt their "climate change" orthodoxy.

This is what we're up against and why Lord Monckton needs to be at every college in America.

In just one or two years, these students who've been held hostage by these liberal professors will enter into the workforce and will be writing and influencing public policy and pushing the green agenda through all of our laws!

We MUST immediately reach them and show them real science to prove that they're being lied to. Will you help me?

Liberal professors across our country are scared of Lord Monckton. They don't want to lose their grip on their followers who listen to them without question. They know that if he exposes the green agenda as a political movement masquerading as environmentalism, then their grants will dry up, their followers will fall away, and they could even lose their jobs.

Before the end of his speech, Lord Monckton told the students that in science, whatever you may personally believe or wish to be so, it is the truth and only the truth that matters.  When it was finished, the protestors left silently and with their heads hung in shame. They're finally thinking about scientific truth and we can have hope.

Few speakers can have this effect.

I know you believe, like me, that climate science has been rigged to push a leftist vision of utopia.

Lord Monckton said he cannot stand by and let the forces of darkness drive us unprotesting into a new Dark Age.

That's why Lord Monckton boldly tells the liberals that we're destroying our economy and diverting resources away from medicine and other technologies that are proven to increase our standard of living and save lives, all in the name of addressing a non-problem.

Will you help me send Lord Monckton and his message of truth into universities across the country and reach the future policy makers of our nation?

The professors are scared of us and that tells me what we're doing is working.

Without speakers like Lord Monckton, there would be no other point of view on the climate change issue.

Will you help me break the stranglehold of liberal thought-control with your most generous financial contribution of $50, $100, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 by following this link right now?

Our country's youth is being held hostage by radical leftists who are frightened that we'll expose their propaganda. And that's exactly what we must do.

Help me send Lord Monckton -- and more speakers like him -- to deliver a message of freedom, prosperity and true conservation into campuses across the United States and crumble the green agenda by contributing to CFACT's campus campaign right now.

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For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director


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