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It did not take long after arriving at Rio for Marc Morano and I to break some news. It seems the UN has taken the final pre-conference draft and classified it! We were promised transparency. This is unacceptable.

That's not all.

Indigenous peoples representative asks: "Don't you care about peoples' lives?"

Yesterday, a woman took the microphone during one of the conference sessions and identified herself as an indigenous person. She asked whether I knew that climate change was killing indigenous people. I told her it's not true.

She said that the sea level rise in Bangladesh was ruining and killing lives as land crumbled into the ocean and wasted farms.

I politely explained that the sea level in Bangladesh was not rising and, to the contrary, the sea level is actually falling along the coast of that country. The explanation for any land loss is simply a natural process called erosion.

But facts are insufficient for socialists whose intent is to bamboozle those who pay the taxes for their social programming.

In front of the UN delegates listening to our debate, she replied, "why don't you care about peoples' lives?"

You know I replied only with facts.

I told her that we do care for people, and if she and any of the international delegates at the UN's Conference on Sustainability cared for people in any measure, that they will not stop them from developing and prospering.

I see no choice but to set the record straight if Western civilization is going to survive as we know it. This is why I joined the CFACT team years ago and attended this most important conference.

For decades, statists and profiteers have monopolized the UN process and are now defining what is sustainable development. They try to silence people like you and me so they can pass their statements without debate and ensure their views are progressed.

For them, the planet is a living and worshiped being while humanity is a disease. At the root of the disease is capitalism because it allowed agriculture and economies to flourish and promoted population growth as healthcare improved while living standards increased.

A leftist believes the planet is threatened by humanity and to save the planet, capitalism must end.

Do not allow the left to monopolize this debate if you value freedom. And I know you do.

Contribute financially to CFACT right now and we'll expose the danger at this conference to our Precious Liberty.

My team at CFACT is one of the few who have seen the danger of socialist engineering through so-called environmental regulations since Craig Rucker co-founded it in 1985. They've attended UN conferences on the environment even before the media made it popular because they understood the danger to our freedom, and ironically to our environment as well.

Join me immediately with a contribution of at least $50 or even $500 to CFACT and together show the UN that we, who value freedom, will not be cowed.


Christopher Monckton
Third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

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