When CFACT announced the launch of our groundbreaking new film project, Climate Hustle, at the 9th International Climate Conference in Las Vegas, the excitement was contagious.

People have been so bombarded with warming propaganda from Hollywood, television, and of course Al Gore and the Greens, that they've become used to the one-sided narrative.

When our trailers played at the conference, I heard gasps and then. . . thunderous applause!

When the session broke, people ran up to me and to Marc Morano to tell us how excited they were.

Finally there will be a film that sets the facts straight on global warming!

Climate Hustle will lay out the hard scientific evidence and do so in a way people will truly enjoy.

Who better to convey this important message than Marc Morano, the gifted communicator behind CFACT's Climate Depot news and information service?

Marc's a natural.

The Hill notes that, “the venture comes eight years after Al Gore released his Academy Award-winning climate change documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

Since the announcement the project has been off to a roaring start.

Our friends stepped right up and as of last count, have already donated $39,670 of the $50,000 we need to reach our initial production goal. Will you donate today and help us raise the remaining $10,000 needed to go over the top?

Sunlight is a powerful disinfectant.

Climate Hustle will shine the probing light of hard facts on the tricks and lies global warming campaigners have used to foist their propaganda on the world.

Watch out hucksters, CFACT, Marc Morano and Climate Hustle are on to your con.

When we get done exposing you, your game will be up.

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director

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