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Bald eagles are our national bird. Golden eagles are just as majestic. They have just returned from the verge of extinction, after years of being shot and poisoned. Obama's Department of the Interior and the Fish & Wildlife Service are on the verge of granting industrial wind turbine companies a "programmatic" or blanket license to kill potentially hundreds of eagles every year, for years on end.

This is unconscionable.

You can help save the eagles by following the instructions below.

The Fish & Wildlife Service has proposed a "rule" that would allow wind turbine operators to "take" (bureaucratic speak for "kill") bald eagles and golden eagles. It would make these magnificent birds vanish from many parts of the country – especially if wind turbines are allowed to proliferate near eagle habitats.

It would be a national and ecological disaster. How can you help?

Click here to submit your comment opposing the proposed rule.

Before federal agencies make a new rule official, they must publish it in the federal register and accept comments from the public on the proposed regulations. The comment period closes Thursday, July 12, so your immediate action is necessary.

You can write your own comment or visit our campaign page to learn more and select from a number of pre-written comments. Please Like save the bald eagle on Facebook and share on Twitter this campaign so that more and more people will join our cause.

Together, we can save these wonderful eagles from a horrific death.

Applying public pressure to these federal bureaucracies is important and effective, but unfortunately it is not always enough. Please help me raise awareness about this and other issues with an immediate contribution of $25, $100, $250, $600 or even $1500.

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker
Executive Director

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