Watch students wake up
about warming


It's back to school time.

For many students, that means back to indoctrination time.

But there are those fighting back.

CFACT’s Collegians are working hard to challenge the liberal orthodoxy all too rampant on America’s colleges and universities. Our chapters are often among the most dynamic groups on campus.

For decades we've trained young people to think critically for themselves and share that gift with others.

A good case in point, our student leaders at the University of Alabama, Birmingham shared a simple graph of satellite temperature measurements recently with their classmates.  The graph reveals that there has been no meaningful change in global temperatures for most of those students' lives.

Watch the double take students do when confronted with the straight facts that there has been no dramatic global warming as they've been led to believe.

The good news?  Students got it.  Some were upset. Virtually all were surprised. The only thing they needed was access to the truth.

You'll be heartened to see these bright youngsters casting aside the politically-correct hype they’ve been fed and forming valid conclusions based on sound scientific data.

When students get the unvarnished facts, all of our futures are bright.

For nature and people too,
Craig Rucker
Executive Director
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