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CFACT's Marc Morano just wrapped up an extraordinarily successful mission to the Pope's global warming conference in Rome. 

As Marc reports at Climate Depot, "The skeptical delegation helped re-frame the entire Vatican/Pope Francis narrative to point out that Catholics worldwide may be weary of an activist climate Pope aligned with a UN agenda ... The Vatican is now on notice through worldwide media that any encyclical or lobbying activities of Pope Francis on ‘global warming’ will be met with vociferous and well-reasoned arguments, both scientific, economic and religious."

Take a look at Marc's report from Rome

As for the Vatican's statement, it is remarkable for its lack of specifics and failure to weigh the mountains of scientific evidence surrounding the global warming debate.  It appears that Vatican officials are willing to accept the pronouncements of hard-core global warming advocates on "faith" alone. 

You might want to take a look at the statement the Vatican released at the conclusion of the summit. 

The response Marc and our delegation are receiving is heartening.  Those in the Vatican listening to the Greens should be very wary of placing any of faith in the shaky foundation of man-made global warming hype.

The facts are against them.

For nature and people too,
Craig Rucker
Executive Director
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