Harrelson, Driessen, and Morano


Don’t be intimidated! Don’t back down!

That was the powerful message CFACT spokesmen and I delivered last week in Dallas to a standing-room-only crowd of state legislators and other policy experts from across the nation.

The CFACT workshop on “How to Think and Talk about Climate and Energy Issues” was held as part of the 41st annual national meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC – an outstanding organization that helps state legislators promote limited government, free markets, and federalism.

According to John Eick, director of ALEC’s Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force, "The workshop provided our legislative members with much needed facts, data, and historical anecdotes regarding these key policy areas. Feedback from our members since the workshop has been nothing but positive, and the panelists should all be congratulated for a job extremely well done."

I was privileged to moderate the workshop that included CFACT senior policy analyst Paul Driessen; publisher and editor of Marc Morano; and former national field director for CFACT’s Collegians campus program Robert Harrelson.

Driessen opened the discussion by talking about the enormous impact of the growing regulatory burden from Washington – with regulations now eating up one-sixth of the entire U.S. economy.

He described how an energy boom in places like Texas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota is revitalizing growth in those areas, but how environmental extremists and the Obama administration are pursuing policies to de-develop the U.S. and eventually eliminate all fossil-fuel use.

Driessen encouraged the crowd not to cede the high moral ground on these issues, to challenge the regulations wherever possible, and to publicly hammer the regulators for impairing the health and welfare of millions of Americans.

Morano brought the house down with his fast-paced and humorous survey of the global warming landscape – tearing apart the alleged “scientific consensus” on man-made climate change; showing the absurd extremes to which climate alarmists are going to close off debate and scare the public; and explaining how science has been transformed into “climate astrology” with wild predictions of environmental doom.

He also screened the movie trailer for CFACT’s “Climate Hustle” film project that brought many laughs and sustained applause from the crowd.

Harrelson batted cleanup, encouraging the crowd that America’s youth are not a lost cause on climate and energy issues – and then detailing how CFACT is successfully educating and mobilizing college students from coast to coast as part of its Collegians program.

From bringing in top-notch speakers and conducting student polls, to having students testify at local and regional hearings, and making their presence felt at international UN conferences, Harrelson trumpeted Collegians’ efforts and exhorted the audience to continue reaching out to youth and to work with CFACT’s local chapters wherever possible.

Each participant received a special set of “Talking Points for 2014” on climate and energy issues, and many were introduced to CFACT and its programs as a prime resource in this arena.



David Rothbard


P.S. The “Gore-effect” of cooler temperatures occurring whenever climate issues are discussed was in full swing, with high temperatures in the low 80’s in Dallas, Texas, in late July! Thanks, Al.

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