Global warming campaigners will do anything to silence those who disagree.

They are on the attack right now!

And that’s why I need your help to fight back. 

Just days ago, Greenpeace unleashed a vicious assault on Harvard astrophysicist Willie Soon, which of course was amplified in their media echo-chamber.

Warming campaigners also just smeared a statistician named Dr. Matt Briggs, University of Delaware Professor David Legates and the Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition, Tom Harris.

Why is it so important that the opinions of these highly credible experts not be heard? What are warming campaigners afraid of?

They fear the facts.

Dr. Soon is correct. The UN's climate models do run too hot. All the scientific data show it, but to say so is heresy.

Will you help CFACT lay out the facts about global warming the media won't? The facts the Left fears? Your tax-deductible online gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more will help ensure the public hears both sides of the climate debate.

The warming-Left is incredibly well funded and has seemingly all the advantages. They've got the mainstream media, Politically Correct colleges, the United Nations, the European Union and the President of the United States. Even many of the corporations they love to demonize are more than happy to pay them millions to try and buy them off.

Yet despite what C.S. Lewis would have called this “hideous strength,” they are losing the public's trust.

A new Rasmussen poll shows that the number of Americans who buy into the notion that global warming “is causing more extreme weather events,” has dropped ten percentage points over the past six years. Sixty-one percent of the public agrees with you, me and the facts, that the scientific debate about global warming is not over.

How can it be that despite all their built-in advantages, so many millions of people have seen through the warming scare?

CFACT and our Climate Depot news and information service are a substantial part of the answer. That means a good part of the credit goes to you!

Just a few weeks ago, CFACT’s Climate Depot was able to lead the effort to get the Associated Press to reverse itself about 2014 allegedly being the “hottest year on record.” That’s just the latest in a series of stories CFACT has been able to bring to international attention!

But this is no time to let up. The need has never been greater.

Can we count on you to chip in right now and help us expand the fight?

The reason CFACT is able to be so effective is that the facts are on our side. 

Warming campaigners make wild claims that don't hold up and then they pull a quick change and hope no one notices.

They go from snow is pretty much "a thing of the past" to, of course there's more snow, we told you all along.  This, while snowfalls remains within historic norms.

Their climate models project a warmer world than observations show.  Without the models they've got nothing.  But they'll viciously attack anyone to keep the public from knowing this.

They call names, deny tenure and funding, and do their darnedest to impose a total media blockade of the myriad inconvenient facts that prove their wild pronouncements wrong.

At this very moment they have grown particularly shrill and particularly vicious. They intend to clear the field and take down anyone or any group that stands in their way. We believe CFACT, along with other scientists, scholars and experts, are on their hit list.

There's a reason for this. The UN intends to finally get the global warming agreement it has coveted for so many years, and for the first time it has an American President who is prepared to give these international bureaucrats all they want.

The UN is working feverishly with the Obama administration to get this done. They know that the clock is ticking down to Obama's last days in office. They intend to get their ruinous agreement this year – when the UN holds its most significant climate conference in years in Paris, in December.

This is an agreement President Obama would execute administratively, as he’s already been doing at a wild pace on a host of other regulations, without the need for Senate approval.

The full court global warming press is on. It is happening now! It must be resisted now!

Please take a moment to help CFACT stand against the tide of climate extremism.

They've got the might, we've got the facts.

We're prepared to make sure the facts get out there loud and clear, but we need your help.

Your support has never mattered more. Please stand with us today.

Thank you.

For nature and people too,
Craig Rucker
Executive Director &


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