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Happy March! Whew! We've made it through another long winter and for most of us, it's springtime where we live. Thank you, friends, for taking the time to open this email. I know you have a lot going on, but why don't you give yourself a little break and I'll tell you what's new at Breathing Better Living Well.

Our theme this month is "Finding our way." I just got back from a short trip. Whenever I'm in a new place, alone, I tend to worry about getting lost - especially after dark. I've had some bad experiences in which I've been really badly lost. In the pitch dark. Alone. Not good. On my trip I ventured into town for dinner. I had called the restaurant earlier and asked how far I had to go on Broad street to get to there. They said, "Oh, about half a block." Well, about a mile later I was wayyy out there in an industrial area. And it was getting dark... 

At BBLW we want to make sure you know what is here for you and make sure you find your way. Some folks come to BBLW, visiting our Homepage, Articles, Basics, Stories, Steps, Quit Smoking, Meet the Team pages...and more; while others of you are familiar with only our Community page. Whatever you prefer, I just want you to know there's a lot here for you! We just want to make sure you find your way.  

Now let's get on with it...

Do you have questions about oxygen? If you do, we have the answers from our team of top pulmonary professionals! Last month many of you visited our Basics page for Your Top Ten Oxygen Questions - Answered!  Just scroll down to "Your Oxygen Questions with Expert Answers from Dr. Adams, Sandhaus and Helen Sorenson." 
Note: As always our contributing professionals are not responsible, nor liable, for information found on the Breathing Better Living Well website. Their answers here are not intended as medical advice but information only. Your own doctor knows you best, so we encourage you to discuss this information with him or her for advice appropriate to your individual situation.  

New Pulse Oximeter
Ask your doctor if having your own pulse oximeter at home would be a good idea for you. The Nonin GO2 is now linked from our bookstore. It's a neat little device and very reasonably priced. Of course, as with any kind of technical equipment, you have to understand what the numbers mean and then be responsible about that information. 

Coming soon to our BBLW Bookstore...Beautiful and fashionable O2 Totes for Helios! 

More stories of denial 
Denial continues to be such a big emotional issue in COPD! Kind of like that elephant in the living room, you know? Last month we met Travis and came along on his denial timeline in Parts I and II of  COPD and Denial: A Common Thread.
This month you can meet Peg as she shares the two-part story of her brutal battle with denial (and severe smoking addiction). Her story may shock you, or surprise you - but one thing for sure - it will inspire you! Peg's story.

You can always find my last ten articles on Health Central by scrolling down to the widget at the bottom of our home page.

2010 - The Year of the Lung
The Year of the Lung. This is is our year -- the year -- to increase awareness of COPD! 

Got Romance?
Another big emotional issue with COPD is Intimacy and Sex. We want you to know that even if you are limited by COPD, you can still express yourself intimately. You can! Click on our Basics page and scroll down to "COPD and Intimacy"  for links to great information on this important subject.

COPD For Dummies
No, I'm not saying you're a dummie, but just in case you're searching for more COPD information -- the book is now in our bookstore. Take a look and remember that there are really great bargains (cheap!) on used books at Amazon through our bookstore. COPD for Dummies!

The BBLW Community is buzzing! 
Stop on in and visit with our amazing BBLW staff who are really smart about lung disease and also very nice. They're here for you.

Also, the BBLW 
"Ask the RT" forum is in full swing, staffed by one or two of our six RT's each day of the week. Come on in and get to know Larry, Jen, Sandy, Craig, Kim and Jane (that's me). We'd love to hear from you! Go to our Community page and you'll find the forum. Anybody and everybody can read info on our Community page, but to ask a question or make a comment, you have to be a member. This is easy to do and of course, free of charge. 

Caregivers' Window
We have another
new forum, "Caregivers' Window." 
Being a caregiver or wellspouse to a person with COPD or other chronic lung disease is not easy. You need information and support, too! Ray and Lori have been there, they have a wealth of knowledge to share and shoulder to lean on.

What's New on BBLW Facebook?
Visit the 
BBLW Facebook page for photos and other stuff you might not find on our site. I just posted a few photos of my trip along with the brand new (working) cover of my upcoming book, Live Your Life With COPD: 52 Weeks of Health, Happiness and Hope. More on the book to come!

'Ease' Stent for COPD
Many of you are asking about the
new Stent for COPD Here's a great link to a video that shows you just how it works.

Well, that's about all for now. By the way....I did find the restaurant. It was just around the corner and after dinner I got back to my hotel just fine. I hope you like the sunset picture I took that night.

I'll see you next month. Until then I wish you safe travels, with easy-to-follow, accurate directions, and no wrong turns in the dark.  

Breathe well today my friends. 


“When a person is down, an ounce of help is better than a pound of preaching."
~~~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton 

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