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A picture is...


You know what they say... "A picture is worth a thousand words."  Very true when we're looking at something beautiful - a violet sunset, a majestic mountain range or a stunning sculpture. But, sadly, it's all too true with medical statistics. This month we'll take a look at some pictures - graphs with COPD statistics - death rates, mortality by gender, research funding and medication development. You'll note that the closing year on the above graph is not recent, but since that report, I'm sorry to say things have only gotten worse! COPD (the only cause of death on the top ten list that is on the rise) had been named as number four and was projected to be number three by the year 2020. Well, guess what? COPD achieved that unfortunate status already late last year, over 10 years ahead of time!  

No doubt about it - we've got an uphill battle! But from what I know of people with COPD, you're pretty used to struggling your way uphill. For goodness sake, sometimes even walking on flat ground can feel like you're going uphill! Fight the good fight, my friends, and see what we - all of us - can do to fix this. And never - never - give up. (Thanks to Vlady Rosenbaum from COPD Alert and the other organizations indicated for making these graphs available.) 

Now, on with our update...

New on our Basics page. Five pictures of 
Prevalence, Death rates and Funding for Research. 

Jane's Articles on Health Central
Bad News and Good News for COPD

COPD is on the rise. Big time. What can we do?

COPD Is Not Just for Men Anymore
How women have caught up with men in deaths from COPD

Is That Good? Understanding Vital Signs   
What's normal? What's safe? What's not? What do my numbers mean for me?

Testing for Lung Disease: Screening Options and Next Steps
Testing for early detection of serious disease...Where does COPD fit in?

Testing for Lung Disease: The Cost and Aftermath

Testing for early detection of serious disease...What does it cost?

What can I do to help?
I'm just one person! What can I possibly do to make a difference? "Operation 435" (there are 435 U.S. Congress persons) shows you four things you can do. Operation 435 - COPD Foundation

COPD Congressional Caucus
Did you know the U.S. Congress has a COPD Caucus? Is your representative a member?  United States Congressional COPD Caucus. 

Last month we talked about the value of stories. What a great response! Here they are again, just in case you didn't get the time to read them. I hope you enjoy these stories and are able to see yourself, and find information and inspiration. See these titles, and more, on our BBLW Stories page. 

From our “Oops…I goofed!” file……Also last month I made an error in telling you about Trudy denHoed’s story, COPD will NOT Control Me! Our dear friend, Trudy, is indeed the author, not only of that story but of an ongoing blog - and more. Trudy is a devoted Christian who writes from the heart to inspire her readers to overcome obstacles and live in faith. Visit Trudy's blog.

It's getting close! Cruise to the Panama Canal!
I'm getting more and more excited about joining the Sea Puffers / GO2 Pulmonary Cruise to the Panama Canal!  We ship out on April 4 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Click here for what you need to know about the Sea Puffers Panama Canal cruise and more!   

Brrrrrrrr! Cold Air Mask from Airguard Medical
Cold air can cause bronchospasms! Here's a new product, engineered to keep out the cold - but keep you breathing fresh air. You can find the CT Mask in our bookstore or on the Airguard Medical website. Breathe warm…Stay active… Enjoy Life!

BBLW Community
The BBLW Community continues to be a wonderful place where you can find a listening ear, answers to your lung questions, links to articles, discussions, and more. Meet others who understand what you're going through and are there to help. Stop in and see our Respiratory Therapists, Larry-Monday, Sandy-Wednesday, and Jane-Friday to ask questions.

BBLW has over 580 friends on Facebook!  Check in for updates on articles, events and posts from our members. 

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Thank you for reading our newsletter and allowing us to be there for you with information and support in your life with chronic lung disease. We appreciate the trust you put in us. Breathe Well today my friends. I'll see you again next month.


"We conquer by continuing."
~~ George Matheson









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