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You've Got a Friend

Holiday Greetings from Breathing Better Living Well! Thank you for opening this newsletter and sharing a few minutes with us today.

You know, life's not easy sometimes, but there's n
othing like knowing you have somebody you can count on, somebody you can lean on, somebody who understands you and doesn’t judge; and somebody who sticks with you no matter what. Sometimes that wonderful person is a member of your own family. But many times it's a friend. In this holiday season, at a time of shopping and placing material gifts under the tree, let’s remember the value - the pricelessness - of friendship. Let's look at each friend as a gift. 
Over the last couple months I've been traveling and not doing much writing, but I have met a lot of people. Some are brand new friends (a few from our colleague site, EFFORTS) and others I've known for a while - friendships, rekindled. Each one is a gift.

Here's our December update...

Jane's Articles on Health Central 

Party Time! Nine Ways to Help You Save Energy and Breathe Better this Holiday Season

Living with COPD: 10 Tips to Enjoy the Holidays

We get a lot of questions about how to tell the difference between COPD and other lung disorders. These articles can help sort some of that out... In part I, I share a true story about a mystery with my own health and in Part II, I tell how my health care team figured out what was going on.

Part I - Is it COPD, Asthma or Pneumonia? How Can you Tell?
Part II - Is it COPD or Another Lung Condition? How Can you Tell?

Living with COPD: Exercise
If you have COPD or another chronic lung disease, exercise can really help! Here's how.
Living with COPD: Choosing Home Exercise Equipment
Here's a practical guide with tips on what to look for in home exercise equipment - and what to avoid.

Finally! We have Chat! As part of the recent upgrade to our Community board - which not only made the board a lot prettier and easier to use - Chat is now available for members of the BBLW Community! So, log on, click on "chat," come on in and see who's around. Scheduled chat times will be coming. Let us know what works for you!

Speaking of the the BBLW Community you'll find information, support and encouragement for your life with Chronic Lung Disease as well as answers to your questions, links to articles, discussions, and more. You'll also find new friends. Stop in and meet our Moderating Team and our Ask the RT's who join us each Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Watch for two new Ask the RT’s after the New Year, and also meet Rebecca, who will be helping with some day-to-day BBLW business and our expanding Community forum.

In the BBLW Bookstore
Breathwish: A Scriptural Guide to Smoking Cessation and COPD - Do you have a friend who wants to quit smoking? Here's an interesting take on addiction and COPD from a Christian, scriptural perspective. 
An Alpha-1 COPD Love Story - Sally Everett was 50-years old. She ate right, she didn’t smoke, she was almost never sick, and she exercised regularly. You’d never know she had COPD caused by Alpha-1 and was told she had – at most – ten years to live. Eighteen years later, she’s not only still living but happily married to a man she never would have met had it not been for her diagnosis.
CT Mask - Breathe warm - Stay active - Enjoy life. Check out the CT mask. It's high quality and very effective. 

Sit and Be Fit for COPD - A great exercise program made just for people with COPD! It's as easy (or as challenging) as you need it to be. As always, check with your doc before starting an exercise routine. 

What would Christmas be without... 
A song
One of my all time favorites: You've Got a Friend, sung by James Taylor. Thank you for letting me share this with you. 

And a poem
A COPD Christmas 
is a really fun piece - a take-off on the famous poem, "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore. When I first posted this piece I knew of it only as having an anonymous author. I later learned that it was written by the late Jim Phillips, a friend of the COPD world who entertained and inspired many. Feel free to print it out and share it with friends at Pulmonary Rehab, Better Breathers' support group, or anywhere!

COPD Info Line
Sponsored by the COPD Foundation the C.O.P.D. (Call Our Patients Direct -found under the Programs tab) Info line is one of the world's best kept secrets! Seriously! Call and speak, one-on-one, with a knowledgeable person with COPD. Do you have a friend or loved one who needs this? Pass it along! COPD Info Line at 1-866-316-COPD (2673). 


Do you wish you could travel but you're hesitant because you have breathing problems and / or use oxygen? The good folks at Sea Puffers / Get Up and GO2 Travel can help!  They'll make the arrangements. All you have to do is show up and have fun! 

A different kind of calendar for 2012
Live Your Life With COPD - 52 Weeks of Health, Happiness and Hope
 is a kind of perpetual calendar. Instead of numbered chapters, you'll find 52 chapters, one for each week of the year. Although you can read this book any way you want, why not start January 2012 at January - Week 1 - with a Happy New Year message from a wise lady who lived well for a long time with COPD.
Learn one new thing a week and you can learn a lot.

BBLW now has over 700 friends on Facebook!  Stop in and visit!

On a personal note...

This year at BBLW we lost too many dear friends, yet we got through it by holding each other up. At my house, this week we lost a family member who has been a friend to all of us for almost 20 years. We said a final good-bye to our beloved cat, Pokey. That's a picture of him at a healthier time, at the top of this newsletter. Pokey was a good boy; quiet, steady, tolerant, affectionate, and of course always there - without judgment. A stray kitten, he came to live with us when he was just 5 weeks old. Through challenges and changes, all through our children's growing up years, he was there. Even at times when one or another of us were feeling quite unloveable, we could always count on Mr. Poke to never walk away but to accept us where we were and share a hug. Now we miss him, but we have our memories and we're grateful to have had him as a friend.

That's about it for this month-and this year. Watch for news next month for new faces, friendships and more.  

Until then, breathe well my friends. I wish for you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, or whatever way you celebrate this joyful, peaceful, healthy, happy and safe. I'll see again soon as we celebrate the New Year!


"A true friend is the best possession."
~~~ Anonymous









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