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Welcome to the December Breathing Better Living Well Update Newsletter - Getting Help and Knowing You're Not Alone

Do you, or someone you know with chronic lung disease, ever feel like you're just out there - floundering - and nobody seems to notice? And if they do notice, they don't seem to care? This newsletter is all about getting help-to know for sure that help is out there, and where to find it. 
Help can come in
 an article, video, booklet, phone call, or just a few words of encouragement. And it can make the difference between you being ready to give up or having what you need to go forward.
My hope is that you'll find something here that's new to you, something that will help you breathe a little bit better and most of all assure you that you're not alone.

Now on with our update...

Here are some brand new helps for people and families living with COPD and other Chronic Lung Disease.

Inhaler instruction videos  -
"Am I doing this right?" Here's the answer. Watch. Do. Get as much medication as possible into your lungs. (Scroll down the page for inhaler videos.)
COPD in the Hospital and the Transition Back to Home - "One of my biggest fears is getting sick and going into the hospital! This booklet will help you understand what's going on during your hospital visit, how to make it as productive as possible, and gives you the questions to ask so you can stay healthy at home after discharge. Call 1-866-316-2673 for your free copy.
Disaster Preparedness Plan - Thinking about a disaster can be overwhelming for anybody, but especially for someone with chronic lung disease. This is a step-by-step guide to putting a plan in place to breathe well and stay healthy through the storm.

Call 1-866-316-2673 for your free copy.

COPD Foundation. The C.O.P.D. (Call Our Patients Direct) Information Line is there for you to speak, one-on-one, with a knowledgeable person with COPD. 1-866-316-COPD (2673). 
Join our BBLW Community - Start your week off right with Larry's Monday Lesson, articles, stories and friends who understand what you're going through.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation - ask your doctor or health care professional if Pulmonary Rehabilitation is right for you.
Breathing Support Group - ask your local hospital or clinic if there's a breathing support group in your area.



BBLW Bookstore  There's much to learn when you have COPD, but if you learn just one new thing each week for a year - you can do it - and you'll learn a lot! Live Your Life With COPD-52 Weeks of Health, Happiness and Hope. 

Derek's Blog
Derek Cummings -Living with COPD.  Derek's blog is linked from our homepage. 

Best Blogs
For the second year in a row, Breathing Better Living Well has made Healthline's list of Best Blogs of 2013!

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On a personal note...
When I can't figure something out or I need a shoulder to cry on, it always helps to talk with somebody. Many times that somebody is a family member or a friend. When I'm challenged by my work I often seek information and advice from experts - and I'm so glad they're there! 
This picture was taken last Easter, on a joyous day when the baby girl who would have been my mom's first great grandchild was baptized. It was a beautiful service, full of hope and renewal for me and my family, especially because the baby was named after my mom. After church my sister and I hosted about 30 people at my mom's house for a celebration brunch.The next day I left that house for the very last time. It was time to look up and move on. 
My dear friends, have a very Merry Christmas, know that help is there, don't be afraid to ask, then look up and move forward to the New Year with hope and joy.

Breathe well, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I'll see you soon.
"No man is an island." 
John Donne










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